There are days, we all know them well, where we don’t jump out of bed with a spring in our step determined to get stuck into our day. These are the days we label ourselves as unmotivated. Here’s the thing though, we often stop there, as though that excuse is a full stop until another day dawns. Often we blame the weather, the season, our cycles or external world events for getting us low and therefore unmotivated.

There are certainly times where allowing ourselves to surrender to these feelings is acceptable, necessary even. But it isn’t ok to allow it to last.

Whatever you have on your list of dreams, visions and goals, it is time to reinvigorate your passion for them.

Now more than ever it is important that we take charge of our motivation and bring our power back. Here are my top ten tips to stay motivated.

1. Take responsibility

Motivation is an internal job, you have to harness the feelings and determination to get stuck in. Acknowledge that you are in charge of feeling motivated and become accountable to yourself, no one can do it for you. Accept this and you can begin to take charge.

2. Find your ‘Why

We each have reasons behind the goals, visions and dreams that we have, you must reconnect with the purpose and ‘why’ it is so important to you on the daily! Yes, that’s right everyday, create a list of all the reasons why these outcomes are so important to you and allow yourself to feel the emotions that radiates from this list. This will help drive you and your motivation to get stuck in.

3. Be around people who empower you

These are the people who you can share these visions, goals and dreams with and who will celebrate you and challenge you and check in on your progress. These are the people who lift you up and remind you why you’re doing this in the first place. These are those who stand with you, not in front or behind. Be around these people who when you’re together, you cant settle for a simple conversation, you’re all about changing the world from the deep and meaningful. These are the ones you turn to when you need a boost, and if you’re looking for these people jump into the Conscious Creation Community, you’ll be so welcome.

4. Have a plan

Having goals and visions and dreams are fantastic, yet without the plan to bring the outcomes about that you desire, it’s hard to stay motivated. Create a list of activities you need to do, place them in a logical order, schedule them out over days, weeks or months and tick them off as you go. Reflect and readjust as needed, I like to do this on ‘Intention Setting Sunday’, as per my Mindset Pathway and The Conscious Creation Journal, and ensure I batch my similar tasks together so I use less energy and effort in transitioning between goals.

5. Reflect on your Progress

Taking stock of what you have achieved, the progress you’ve made can be a fantastic motivator, as well as a fabulous learning tool to keep yourself stretching and improving and simulating the activities that work for you! In The Conscious Creation Journal this is a daily ritual that I incorporate as it is so vital to stay aligned and motivated.

6. Celebrate everything

No matter the win or lesson celebrate all you’ve achieved and acknowledge the efforts you have made. You are instrumental in continuing your progress so you deserve to celebrate!

7. Imagine your greatest vision as true

Here’s where you get to imagine the future where you have already achieved the outcome you desire. Notice how you feel, what you did, how you recall doing it, what’s different in your life and who you’re with. See it all in your mind’s eye in glorious technicolour, experience it through all your senses and relate to it as yours. Casting your vision in this way allows your mind to consciously create all the components and subconsciously attach to the aspects required to bring this reality to you, enabling you to always be connected to this and work towards it.

8. See this vision reflected in every day

In your reflections daily, as you look back on what you achieved, start to see within the pockets of your time where you experienced moments, emotions or outcomes that are in your future vision cast. It’s not enough to wait until all is achieved, but rather benefit from the fact that something in each and everyday can bring you parts and moments that represent your future dreams, goals and visions. It’s amazing to see how so much of what you’re waiting for is happening now…

9. Get help

Accept that you do not have to do everything yourself, there are ways to delegate, get support, have a coach or mentor, even a mastermind. There is no need to action everything or become an expert in everything in order to create results. Sometimes its more courageous to ask for what you need and accept support graciously, you will see that you can go further faster. I also like to think of how nice it is to be asked to support or help, it feels wonderful, so do not deny someone that wonderful feeling, share your load.

10. Prepare for procrastination

You know yourself better than anyone, and therefore you know the likelihood of the stories, excuses and language you’ll use to procrastinate. Write a list of all the ways you may attempt to avoid getting into making each day count towards delivering on your goals and visions, then write the ways you can turn around those behaviours, habits or ways of being so you always have a plan to transform those moments from the perspective of who you desire most to be.

I hope that these tips support you and and reignite your motivation to get actioning on your dreams, you deserve every opportunity to make them your reality!