Whenever I think of the word ‘travel’, it makes me excited and curious about the journey and the places, I’ll be heading towards to explore. But like me, everybody becomes concerned and anxious about different things and arrangements to be taking place while organizing the journey and keeping on that traveler’s spirit.

Basically, when I am talking about the people for whom traveling is a part of their lives, or simply when they encounter the situation to travel often within a period of six months. So, obviously for them, arranging things or essentials within time will not give them hard time. The same case is with travelers, the people for whom roaming and travelling across different states and countries become and comes with a great deal of passion, for them, planning their frequent trips and about the destination and exploring places, even excites them more, eventually throughout the way, they know how to take care of things and they manage them well.

For the people who are not that frequent travellers and struggle with packing things or often put themselves in the state of confusion for things like making schedules, time management, kids or toddlers handling worries, the foremost and the main worry is what to pack and take things for the journey and between travelling places, so that travel and leisure can be combined and make the travelling more convenient and comfortable.

Even I am not that frequent traveler, but when an opportunity or an event passes by to explore new places and to gain knowledge about different cultures and related places. Then I become more excited than ever, but as mentioned before. I too have trouble when it comes to things and equipment which could compliment the whole journey. And I am sure, like me, there are many people who still remain indecisive and confused about what things would be travel-friendly?

Here are the things that successfully accompanied me during my travel days:


A journey can’t be felt like a journey if it can’t get a hold off a backpack. Our backpack is not just a bag equipped with our customized belongings, but a way to keep us going through with things which completes the meaning of travel. We carry or have our own prospects when it comes to choosing a right backpack which could comfort us all the way or otherwise we got to adjust with back pain.

Opt to Buy: Osprey Porter Travel Duffel 30, Gregory 1- Street backpack

#Digital Camera:

One of the best way to capture memories while traveling is high tech camera and with its some of the cool features. It has become a smart travel accessory. Don’t just easily get confused with the picture quality, its megapixels, memory cards or don’t just become its repairers, it can take away fun. Choose wisely.

Opt to Buy: Nikon D5600, Sony RX10 III, Panasonic Lumix TZ100

#Flash Light:

Another important item to gear your traveling process ahead is the flashlight. If you’re a real explorer and keeping an eye open for interaction with different things, a good working pair of 2 to 3 flashlights is a must.

Opt to Buy: OxyLED OxyWild MD50 Super Bright LED Flashlight, Streamlight ProTac 350 Lumen Professional Tactical Flashlight, Super Bright LED Mini Aluminium Flashlight with Lanyard.

#Foot Warmers or Socks:

When anxiously we’re packing our luggage and planning for our trips and schedules, often the most necessary things we forget to keep or leave it for the last moment and of course we forget them. One of those things is getting one the nice and comfortable pair of foot warmers or socks, which could relax you after coming back from long travel hours.

Opt to Buy: Heat Holders Original 2.3 Tog Winter Thermal Socks, Hothands Insole Foot Warmers.

#Video Recording Glasses:

Wearing normal glasses or sunglasses have become so common, that we don’t want to use any substitute. But for traveling purpose, the video recording glasses are taking place over any Handycam/camera. These portable and small in size glasses are easy to use and convenient to carry on without any hassle if going hiking too.

Opt to Buy: OHO Sunshine Video Sunglasses, GOVision Apollo, iVUE Rincon.

#GPS Watch:

This includes another way to find the ways/directions or keeping a notice of your movement while tracking down your favourite spot. A must keep for your travel purpose.

Opt to Buy: Garmin Fenix 5, Suunto Spartan Sports Wrist HR Baro.

#Wireless Portable Speakers:

An easy to go item might earns someone’s interest, people or travelers often put it while camping, enjoying their favorite beats while keeping positive vibes through the journey.

Opt to Buy: JBL Charge 3, UE Boom 2, Anker Classic Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

#Utility Knife:

It’s a very small item to be included, yet pretty useful, in fact, I could say it’s a multipurpose tool which could be applied in our day to day tasks. Being a traveler or on a journey, one could come across its use for better.

Opt to Buy: Spyderco Endura 4 Flat Ground Knife, Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife.

#Purifier Bottle:

When traveling, it’s fun, but as well as exhaust full at the other time and therefore to drink clean and hygienic water is a must to keep you going without falling sick. As there are slight chances of people falling sick or feeling low, which often happens due to change of place and surroundings. So, one should better keep a check on his/her intake during the time period.

Opt to Buy: Zoku Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Healthy Human Vacuum Insulated Doubled Walled Thermos, GRAYL UltraLight Water Purifier Bottle.

#Ostrich Pillow:

Someone recently suggested to me about an Ostrich Pillow for relaxation purpose. We know that sometimes, even we become exhausted due to our journey, but still can’t get the required sleep. To have one makes your relax time easy and more convenient.

Opt to Buy: SkyRest Inflatable Travel Pillow, Travel mate Neck Travel Pillow.

#Solar Powered Lumin Aid:

This invention and idea are really helpful while you prefer to go camping or hiking. The Lumin Aid helps to explore things better in dark is handy, yet resourceful, saving a lot of battery power.

Opt to Buy: Bigfoot Outdoor Products Compact Solar Camping Lantern, Lumin Aid Backlite Max USB Solar Inflatable Lantern.

Whenever you’re planning to travel, just stay calm and to focus on some of the above-mentioned items, to make your journey stress free and really enjoyable one!

Be Travel Ready!

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