With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, many people find it more challenging to stay fit than ever before. As quarantine measures continue to lead cities worldwide to limit gatherings in fitness-centered spaces, many dedicated gym-goers are looking for alternatives to staying active. In this article, Ken Inoue, a personal trainer from Torrance, CA, gives five fun ideas to sweat that will suit any workout style.

1. Outdoor Cardio

Getting out of the house and working out can go hand-in-hand. By doing your cardiovascular exercise outside, you can reap all the benefits of working out while breathing in some fresh air. Take a run around your local neighborhood or find a spot in the park for jumping jacks and burpees—your mental health will love it!

In colder states, this option can be a real challenge. Still, bundling up and getting out there will help your serotonin levels. You’ll be shedding layers in no time!

2. Workout Videos

Remember back in the day when workout tapes were a thing? Well, you might not have the VCR lying around anymore, but luckily for you, there is Youtube.

Youtube has many great workout videos that are sure to get you sweating right in your living room. Try out some different influencers, see who speaks best to you, and then subscribe to their channel to never miss a video!

3. Resistance Bands

In particular, for strength training, resistance bands serve as an affordable and dynamic option for working out. Most people who use resistance bands absolutely love them; they’re just so versatile.

Resistance bands can be anchored almost anywhere in your home, including your own body. Chest day, leg day, or shoulder day? Resistance bands can help you out.

4. Partner Workouts

Someone else in your home also looking to stay fit? Sync up those schedules and work out together! Working out with a partner has been proven to help you be more motivated, adventurous, and consistent with your workouts.

Even if you and your fitness partners are at different skill levels, working out side by side can go a long way. Feed off of one another’s energy and create a positive workout environment!

Pro Tip From Ken Inoue: Unable to meet up in-person? Don’t sweat it. Sign up for a live digital exercise class from the comfort of your home, such as yoga, and encourage your workout partner to do the same.

5. Switch It Up

Are you getting bored with your workout routine? It’s time to switch it up. Maybe some days you do resistance band training, and on sunny days you head out to the park.

Permit yourself to shake up your workout schedule. Not only will this make you more motivated to work out, but it will offer many physical benefits such as the reduced risk of overuse injuries, breaking through plateaus, and building new muscles. Don’t settle for the same old boring workout routine; keep it fun and interesting to keep you on the road towards total wellness.

Quarantine doesn’t have to ruin your workout time! You can stay fit while having a good time while you exercise. Hopefully, these inventive strategies are helpful for you—go forth confidently and continue pushing towards your fitness goals throughout quarantine.

About Ken Inoue

Ken Inoue, a life-long surfer from Torrance, California, is a certified personal trainer who believes in finding multiple paths to fitness. Mr. Inoue tailors exercise plans to the individual to create accessible, motivating, and efficient sessions with balanced results. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring new restaurants via Los Angeles takeout, practicing a mindful yoga flow, and catching a wave along the Southern California coast.