“At least it’s Friday”

You can hear this phrase being said every time Friday rolls around and it drives me insane. I get it, Fridays are fun and they bring a lot of people happiness. The only problem with it is that we are trained to value one day more than the others. Friday seems to be some sort of a finish line that we have set in our minds and that downplays the first four days of the week. You never hear people saying, “At least it’s Monday!” If we adopt the mindset to appreciate each day, then every day has the ability to be as exciting as our Friday.

“Good is good enough”

If you were on your death bed, would you be happy with yourself if you lived by the “good enough” mindset? So many of us have trained ourselves to just settle throughout the rhythm of daily life. All of us have something special embedded in us and none of us deserve to settle during our short journey. If you are doing well, I applaud you for that, but challenge you to strive for greatness.

“I can’t wait for this month to be over”

Life can beat you up sometimes, especially in the winter. That being said, don’t wish your life away by looking past the current day. It seems to be a weekly occurrence to hear someone willingly ask for the current month to be over so they can move on. Humans created the monthly format and the only person who can reset your mindset is yourself. A monthly switch isn’t the recipe to capturing you happiness, you are.

Take these little mindsets and throw them out. We are all seeking happiness and it all starts with you and just how hard you are willing to work to obtain it!

Originally published at medium.com