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I get it. You are busy. You have so many things to do, you make a list, so you don’t forget. If you are like most people, going through the day, checking off the things you complete, adding new things as they come up, at the end of the day, your list is longer than when you started. Am I right or am I right?

While “To-Do” lists keep us organized and apprised of all the things we didn’t get done that we had hoped to, they do very little in helping us make the changes in our lives that we would like to see.

To-Do Lists remind us of all our activities, keeping us busy, busy, busy. They don’t, however, help us with achievements necessary to move the needle, creating lasting change.

In fact, many people spend so much time on activities, they no longer think about achievements that can significantly change their outcomes and/or lifestyle.

Most of us take the time to write down what we need to pick up at the store, when the children are done with practice, and reminders to place supply orders, etc. While all are necessary to get through the day, most of these things have little or no impact on your dreams or goals for the future.

If you really want to make a difference in your life, to affect long-term change, you need to shift your focus from your To-Do List and start focusing on your “I Should” List.

You know the list I’m talking about. It’s generally not written down anywhere. It’s a mental list you have floating around in your head. It’s the list that pops up unexpectedly when you’re driving down the road; staring at your bank account; looking down at the scale in the bathroom; after a physical; or when you’ve been passed over for the promotion.

Everyone’s “I Should” List is different. We all have them. These lists include things like I should exercise more. I should lose weight. I should avoid sweets. I should go back to college. I should ask her out. I should apply for the position. I should buy the car. I should re-connect with my friends. I should send a note. I should introduce myself. I should give a compliment. I should stand up for myself.

Yes, it is easier to stick with the “To-Do” list. Yes, there is a sense of satisfaction when you can cross something off the list. The problem with focusing on activities, they do not help you change direction.

The fastest way to start turning your life around, the quickest way to step towards achievement is to start with something on your “I Should” list. I encourage you to develop the discipline of acting on your “I Should” list.

Just the achievement of one item from your “I Should” list will positively impact your life. Once you get into motion, you will have momentum to keep striving for accomplishing one item after another on your “I Should” list. As you begin to cross items off your “I Should” list, you will see and feel the difference between activities and achievement.

Every time you choose action over ease, you will increase your self-confidence, your self-respect, and your sense of self-worth. You will discover, the way you feel about yourself after doing something is often more rewarding than the achievement of the activity itself.

As you work on your “I Should” list, you will experience fulfillment. As you act on things you know you should be doing, your actions will align with who you are. You will find contentment being where you are supposed to be.

Too often, people focus on what they will get for the work they do. In life, it’s who we become in the process that adds value to our lives.

Don’t wait any longer. While you cannot change your destination today, you can change your direction. Choose to act on your “I Should” list today. Get started with one thing. Motion creates emotion. When you pick up the phone to re-connect with an old friend, when you join the gym, start your business application, or make a long overdue apology, your motion will stir up emotions reminding you, that you can significantly change your life! Get your momentum started today!

Remember, there is greatness within you. You must choose greatness. It won’t develop on its own. I believe in you!

“You have to work for your dream. Your dream doesn’t work for you.” – John Maxwell

Take Action Today!

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