Meisam Mehramanesh, nicknamed Sam Mehramanesh is a tour guide and tour manager born March 08, 1983, in Ray Iran. He moved to Italy in 2010 to study. He studied modern language culture at Degli Study Di Ferrara University. He moved to Venice historic centre in 2012 with a dream of making an organization for young people who have a small budget, yet would like to experience usually expensive Venice.
In 2012 he started to manage a guest house (Silk Road) and hosted his first own free walking tour in Venice for people on a budget. In 2013 he started to run another guest house in Venice (Imbarcadero) and started to grow his “Free Walking Tour”. At the same time, he opened his guesthouse (Rio Marin) in Venice. In 2015 he opened another guesthouse (ciao Venezia) which was still in budget style and at the same time, he started for the first time in Venice the free boat tour. In the same year, he created his company called “San Marco Experience” which gave many ideas of interior design and website structure to several new “budget style” guesthouses which were born in Venice afterwards.

In 2017 he started the first “only female” budget guest house in Venice downtown (named after San Marco Experience) also opened several places in his own in “budget style” named (Sweet Canal Apartments), (Golden Fish Apartments), (Sweet Dreams Apartments) etc …
From 2012 to 2020 he received many awards from the most important touristic organisations. To name a few, in 2015, 2016, 2020 he received “Traveller Review Awards” from the biggest tourist organization and many other accommodation booking platforms like Airbnb, Hostelword, Hostelbooker etc.