You get a new job and the next morning you are thrilled you get to meet your new colleagues. Meeting new colleagues is the same as meeting your in-laws for the first time, either you will hate them forever or love them somehow and the same rule applies to the other party. Bonding with colleagues after a while should be very easy, in theory. After all you share the same office for eight hours or so, that’s more than time than you spend with your family and let’s not talk about all the fun you could have if you get along.

The fun is double when you two are a united front towards your boss and the kiss-asses that every company has. This is the bright side of this story.

Now let’s talk about the opposite one, the snitches.

The ones that make your life miserable, the ones that want to make you puke every time you see them in the morning. Now imagine these kinds of creatures, who are nothing but maggots, if they get promoted as managers. Suddenly their “brain” floats in the air and sees other people as microorganisms; nobody is intelligent enough to work alongside them and the bullying begin.

These new “managers” bully and get bullied by those above them, it is a sadomasochist relationship but not appreciated by their subordinates who do not enjoy these “special relationship”.  Of course psychology has its own theory on such phenomena, usually these people are insecure and feel very inferior for different reasons but the roots of this behavior gets deeper than that. These people have never felt love in their life, probably have never been loved. Giving, for them, in any aspect is beyond reason, is beyond them. The relationship becomes so toxic so you find yourself job searching. If you are lucky enough you will find a decent place to work, if not, either you will continue working for the same bitch/bastard or you will get to know another toxic one.