Trace Johnson is a Visionary who always puts People First. He is known for always being grateful, but never satisfied. In this article Trace Johnson shares some of his success habits & what keeps him motivated.

Avoiding burnouts 

Trace avoids a burnt out day by having “me time”, it is very essential for him. He then suggests doing things that benefit you in the morning, especially something for your mind, body, and spirit. Johnson believes you cannot take care of other people if you have not taken care of yourself first. Another thing Johnson does to help avoid a stressful day is focusing on the bigger picture, your purpose. Especially focusing on the WHY behind things, that really helps him out. He states “When your why is high, the price is always low.” Johnson then states the only reason people get stressed is because they are thinking solely on themselves. He then mentions to take yourself out of the equation, and to go out, as well as to serve others. Not making it about yourself will cause stress and burnouts to be minimal. Trace claims burnout doesn’t exist once you are truly passionate towards your work, and towards the vision you are creating. 

Main tips for successful habits 

One of Johnson’s main tips for successful habits is having a daily routine, especially when your morning doesn’t start right, as it can leak into your entire day and ruin it. He claims if you want to change your life, you HAVE to change parts of your routine. Trace then states “Nothing changes, if nothing changes”. Another tip Trace has is to be disciplined to your schedule routine. He strongly believes you don’t have to be the smartest, talented, or skilled to be the best. What you do have to be is the most disciplined, as it will make you consistent, and consistency wins races. Johnson then adds on “When you’re looking for real success. Success isn’t a short race, it’s life long. Stay consistent in your race.”


What keeps Trace motivated is people, it never fails to motivate him. He loves the fact there’s no lid to the amount of impact one can make to those around them. The days Johnson doesn’t want to, are the days he knows he needs to the most, because he is aware it’s not about him. It is all about the people that depend on him to win and those who he gives hope to on their down days. He is aware those people might need it the most when he doesn’t even realize it. Another thing that helps Trace stay motivated is helping people win, chasing a life people only dream of, and building something bigger than us. The last big factor he noted was his future family, that also helps bring him great motivation. 


  • Johnny Medina

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