Rediscover:  Let’s remember that childhood sense of wonder that we were born with.  That natural energy which inspired us as children to have fun, play, connect and enjoy life is still in all of us now!

We choose how to think about ourselves, other people, other species the world and the planet. Our thoughts which are transformed into words have power to influence what we belief, how we feel and what we do.  When we repeat the same unhealthy patterns of thought, emotions and actions we contribute to a toxic cycle which imprisons us at a personal and or collective level in society. 

However, it’s often buried under self-defeating thoughts and actions robbing people of precious energy, time, relationships and money.   

We become victims of our own thought patterns resulting in higher levels of stress, anxiety, feelings of powerlessness and fears, which affect our relationships with our partners, family, friends and the workplace.  We forget what role we play in what we perceive is going wrong in our personal life, in the world, or in the planet that sustains us. 

Replace: You can replace that inner voice of self-doubt feeding unhealthy behaviors.  Instead, we can free ourselves from the toxic chain of stressful thoughts by replacing them with self-encouraging thoughts which are reflective of that natural energy which we were born with.  You were born with the best natural energy…Here you are as proof. You are breathing, thinking, feeling and exploring. That natural sense of wonder was meant to be enjoyed when you were a child and now.

Reflect: You can reflect your inner growth in body, mind and spirit through each one of your interactions to keep yourself inspired while inspiring others.

That natural energy can be reflected through the personal characteristics which reflect the best in you such as being peaceful, creative, loveable, joyful or confident and more.  Your personal choice of how to think will affect how you feel about yourself and others thereby transforming yourself and transforming your life. 

When confronted with unhealthy thoughts, emotions and actions which rob you and others of precious energy, time, relationships and money ask:  what can I think, and or do instead that will benefit myself and others? When we choose self-encouraging thoughts, we empower ourselves, while transforming family, social and business interactions which are perceived as a problem into opportunities to feel alive, reconnect and be able to enjoy life.

Enjoy Life…