Lifestyle Transformation

​It is possible, transform your life from the inside out, and create a life you love on your path to limitless potential.

I know this firsthand because I am living it myself step by step, and watching others create it as well.

​For years, I struggled with a fear focus in life with health, wealth, business and ultimately worthiness and believing in and seeing myself as our creator does.

​I looked to people and/or external evidence which neither have no solid foundation.

​Like many of us, I never felt like I or anything I did was good enough. This connected to stories I told myself in my mind for situations with relationships, family, time, money.

I got to learn step by step to reframe that each and every one of us has our own stories, and we get to choose what we allow or accept into our lives. I also chose to become a victor and turn any and all pain into a purpose to help others.

​​In my late teens to early 20’s, I struggled with an abusive relationship that literally almost killed me. I felt such shame, guilt, and judgment towards myself for so many things I allowed in this relationship that caused deep pain. ​​

The story in my mind was “I am not worth it, no one will

want me”

Katrina Julia

For over 17 years, I had an extremely unstable relationship with food. I used food as a feast or famine coping mechanism. I struggled as a yo-yo dieter going even to the extreme of doing liposuction in 2004 (all the weight came back and then some).​

The story in my mind was “Hide under all the weight

because people will mistreat you, and don’t let yourself

be too seen”

Katrina Julia

For over 15 years, I had an extremely unstable relationship with finances. I also used money as a feast or famine mechanism. I would swing from not having money to climbing the corporate ladder getting up to 6 figures, generating others 6-9+ figures consistently, while I always had side hustles and yet my own money was in complete chaos and bondage.​​

The story in my mind was “I am not worthy. I am a mess.

I can’t make money on my own. I can’t be financially free”

I can’t make money creating and doing what I love.

I can only serve others and help them make money and

be free”. I am not worthy or deserving.

Katrina Julia

You could understand why I had almost given up all hope of pursuing fully my passion and purpose.​


It all literally takes faith like a mustard seed to shift you. It all started in 2010, the year I moved to Atlanta.​

My transformation was triggered by:

a deepening relationship with our Creator, Spirit, and Son

An amazing love of a redeeming blessing and prayer confirmations, a recommitment to purity to find and create my true self, leaving Corporate America to entrepreneurship,

losing over 55 lbs. with Herbalife Nutrition* + Team Edge,

the death of a loved one to cancer in 2013, ​​

This led to an awakening in my soul to start asking:

Was I really living my passion and purpose and potential?

What if I could inspire like I always wanted with transformation?

What if nothing was wasted and we could turn pain into purpose?

What if I and we could help countless people create what they loved?​

It, and continues to be, putting one foot in front of the other in faith. Luke 17:6

​A picture is worth a thousand words. My first before + after in 2014. I cried like a baby. I couldn’t believe this was truly me now.

Katrina Julia

Photo Credit: Brett Seeley

*Disclaimer average weight loss is .5 to 1lb a week with

healthy active lifestyle.​


Herbalife Global Nutrition found me in 2013 through my best friend at the time. I lost 15 lbs in my first month from simply adding two shakes a day, and Beverage Mix Protein Snack. ​

Everything tasted amazing, and I had never felt so good in my life!

I decided to do my first Olympic Distance Triathlon that summer for the Fall. In the meantime, I was watching our community with Herbaheroes, and the incredible unconditional love and support that was shown.​

A month out from the event, I found out my best friend had terminal Stage IV cancer that had metastasized in three areas already.I am a big believer in miracles and chose to do the Triathlon in her honor (I was already doing it with Team In Training which fundraises for cancer as well).​

I was devastated when she passed away two months later, a few days before Christmas. This was my soul sister, Janelle, who with Angela, we had started non-profits together in college, businesses together, traveled the world together, and so much more.

I then began to wake up more to deciding to go after passion + purpose step by step. I had already been thinking about doing Herbalife Nutrition as a business. My tendency in life was to always leap and I had already experienced being in corporate America and a side hustle queen. So, I prayed for divine direction and downloads about it, and the answer came from an unlikely source in every way.​Hebrews 12:1 – 3​​

I decided to attend Herbalife Extravangza (Super Bowl Event of Herbalife) in Las Vegas in 2013. I caught the vision right away with my desire to impact, community creation with Garrain Jones and Herbaheroes and the whole community, understanding of the compensation plan (prior negative experiences with an MLM made me assess this team and company 10X further), my background in compliance, and my love of business and learning.

This event was the month before I found out about Janelle’s illness, and few months before Janelle’s death. You may understand why when she passed I went into a fog-like state, yet taking leaps of faith at the same time.​

I decided to do my first bikini fitness competition in January and coached and trained with Team Edge (Ingrid Romero and Joe Discuillo) and loved how they run their business together. I did my first show in Vegas in 2014 #gobigorgohome and placed 6th. ​

What was even more profound to me, was that simply by sharing my story vulnerably and before and after on Facebook alone, my business in 2014 with Herbalife blew up 25X.* Not typical, but possible.

Katrina Julia

I was super excited and yet terrified and overwhelmed at the same time. I thought God, do you want me to do the business like everyone else on social media?

Do my past experiences in finance, strategy, operations mean something? Do you want me to create something new and innovative?​​


The first view was a 10,000-foot view of an all in one lifestyle

brand with health, wealth, and business with tips + tools

included in every experience.

At the time, I had no idea what that meant. All I knew was that

the vision resonated deeply, no matter how far the view was.

I continued to trust myself and our creator’s divine direction.

The first thing was to put up a website v.1.0 looked nothing

like what our version 12.0 now looks like. It was maybe a

four page website with the basics and events.​

I was so happy to be aligning to my passion and purpose, and also having the revelation to give back to help end homelessness, end cancer, and help vets and battered women, that right after I did our website, I began to plan an event to help end homelessness- “Fitness Fuses with Fashion”

My soul was shining in every way.

At the same time, I realized wait a minute.

What if I applied the same strategies, structures, and

systems I had experience within over 7 industries to this of a lifestyle brand?

Imagine the impact to helping people create what they loved with health, wealth, business.

Imagine the millions we could serve.

Imagine the millions to billions we could give to help end homelessness, end cancer, help vets and battered women.

Katrina Julia

Proverbs 29:18

The experience of FIT Life Creation grew exponentially in every way. It all began to take a life of its own – much bigger than me or that I could ever be. I continued to grow in every way from the inside out. I experienced time and location freedom. I grew focused in 2019 on freedom in all forms from the inside out including focusing on a path to financial freedom.​

The brand grew with not only integrations with Herbalife Nutrition, multiple industry strategies, structures, and systems inspiring on the path to the creation of non-profits.​​

From 2015 to 2019, we transformed

From events for non-profits, we grew to national and

global retreats.​​

From Website version 1.0 to 12.0 with a podcast, blog,

freebies, online courses, live + online integrations.


From a partial strategy to full strategy, structure, systems

with foundation, stability and growth.

From partial programs to full integrations with tips, tools,

tech in each and every experience with health, wealth,

business like Herbalife Nutrition, Canva, Kajabi and more.

From occasional events to consistent workshops monthly, quarterly,

national and international retreats.​​

From minimal marketing to full scale influencer integrations

with our own lifestyle campaigns short to long term

experiencing 2500%+ ROI in our first full year of operation.

From a Business2Consumer focus to full on Business2Business integrations with wellness, lifestyle brand creation, education, influencer marketing, and fundraising.

From unstable income to growing to create stability in every way including cash flow step by step.

The vision pulled me in every way to be, do, have more.

To become more and to never ever quit.

Along every step of the way, I got to face fears and follow faith.

I often felt or feel like I am climbing mountains.

Katrina Julia


The more I have grown, and the more we have grown, I know

one thing to be true. I cannot do any of this without our Creator, spirit, son. I lean on my faith every single day in every way. It is quite literally some days the only reason why I have peace and feel free (even in moments where in circumstances or finances I may not actually be yet).

The simplicity is this in what we are creating and where we are now.

The goal is to impact ending homelessness, battered women, military vets and cancer to the tune of billions to give back.

Katrina Julia


Psalms 103:12.

Isaiah 61:1

Galatians 5:1

Galatians 5:22

Create the Transformation Story of Your Life

I share this to help you see what is possible for you. It is possible for you to transform and to inspire step by step. What dreams have you let go of? How is fear running your life?

It is time to create the transformation story of your life. I am doing it, and so can you. You and your story matter massively.

Create, Transform, and Inspire. You are born to.

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