Tell stories,
illustrate points.

Release and receive.

Growth periods:
Break throughs,

Life flow.

Know your ideal self.
KNOW yourself, right now.
No judgements, just look —
Inside and out.

Who are you?

Where are you going?
Where do you want to be?
Where are you now?

Paint the picture.
Stand back,
Take another look.

Make an outline.
Create a structure, 
small steps,
building blocks.

NOW, Step up!
Own your blocks,
let them be an offer.

See blocks for what they are
and then go break them down.

Keep the flow flowing,
Keep the flow free,
Keep the flow fun.

It’s transformation time.

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  • Jennie Souiade

    Miracle-minded Founder, Creative Director, Mother, Wife, Woman, Being


    I’m a miracle-minded creative conceptualizer. I believe in creating experiences that touch real people, somehow making their lives better—that’s what lights my fire and fuels my passion. My forté is flowing with the Universe to transform ideas into creations in collaboration with others. As a former art director at global advertising agencies (Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann) and as a creative leader at two tech startups, my experiences come full circle as the founder of Magentic, a creative transformation agency. I exist to create beauty, amplify love, champion authenticity, and hold the space for inspiration. . . . Magentic serves corporate and private clients who are ready to evolve within themselves, for and beyond themselves. We love helping people find their authenticity within themselves, their brands, companies, and cultures, to flow with creative genius for the force of good. for more information.