For those of you being called to have an experience of travel right now, I would love for you to know that some of the most extraordinary experiences I’ve had in traveling have been with a sacred and transformational component… something that nourishes my soul and spirit.

There are so many extraordinary places we can go in the world… places with such beautiful energy and opportunities for expansion. Whether you are standing in the majesty of the Familia Segrada in Barcelona, walking the path of Mary Magdalene in the South of France, or sitting in front of the Volto Santo (“Holy Face”, a Holy Relic with an incredible story) inside the San Martino Cathedral in Lucca, Italy. Without question, being able to witness things like this in person, being in the energy and the magic that’s available to us, is beyond words.

Traveling to experience new cultures and cuisines, exploring tiny towns with fascinating history, is enough to transform anyone. For the spiritual seeker, if you add a few intentional and carefully curated experiences along with those adventures you can’t begin to  imagine how much one of those trips can change you.

I’ve spent the last five years of my life creating these experiences around the world and I’ve been so blessed by each one of them. I’ve had the opportunity to spend beautiful moments in extraordinary places.

And so, I would highly encourage anyone that feels called to create a spiritual pilgrimage or adventure to spend time in some of these sacred spaces. There is something so special and so sacred about being in these Holy and beautiful spaces that changes us in the best way possible. We can be so touched and our hearts can be opened in ways that might not have been available to us before.

If you have the dream or the desire to create that in your life, I absolutely encourage you to say yes, yes, yes. Embark as soon as you possibly can because you will never regret taking those adventures and having those transformational experiences from gorgeous places around the world. 

I hope this is of benefit and please reach out if you have any questions or any suggestions on where to go. Bon Voyage, darling!