We are saturated with situations that are seen as negative although they are not necessarily so. Some of these could be; changes, uncertainties, pressures, bad news and idle time. 

Human beings by nature are resistant to change. The change in our routines and our habits produces discomfort and fear.

Uncertainty breeds frustration, helplessness and more fears. It can cause suspense, doubt, perplexity, discomfort and so does fear of the unknown and risks that cannot be measured.

The pressures are like a weight or a force that buries us. Finances, health, responsibilities, expectations, appearances, etc. These are just some of the situations that cause pressure in moments of crisis. They can cause an emotional and physical imbalance, better known as stress.

Too much bad news drains our strength, suffocates us, stuns us, stresses us and tires us mentally and physically.

Idle time, inaction, excess free time can cause laziness and breed addiction. The major problems of laziness are: excess; when too much time is spent on inaction and, purpose; when that time is spent on harmful activities.

Within ourselves there is power, created for us to use in these situations to our advantage. In the way that our Creator formed us, he equipped us to face, fight, overcome and even take advantage of every unfavorable situation or circumstance that we find ourselves in. So, let’s learn to rename problems as opportunities. It behooves us to be intentional and consistent in achieving this.

Let’s look at the positive side of each of these alleged unfavorable situations.


Changes can be very effective. Socrates said,

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new.”

Changes can take you to new dimensions, new doors, new levels, new beginnings, new approaches, new outcomes, new life! See change as a process of renewal. Take advantage of the change to replace habits and behaviors that do not bring benefits to your life and others. Focus intentionally on developing new ideas, new projects, new customs, new goals, new relationships, a new YOU.


Uncertainty does not have to bring fear, but can bring new strategies and opportunities for learning. Find in this fear of the unknown a new opportunity to create and develop new solutions. Frank Knight, in his article Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit, wrote, “There is no better source of growth or differentiation than your ability to be quicker at identifying the opportunities hidden in disruptive change.” Move fast. Plan, use the potential that is already in you and identify strengths and abilities that push you to produce and even invent new ideas.


Working under pressure can become a skill. It helps you to raise your goals, to work better in less time and optimize results. To avoid stress, it is very important to plan, organize, prioritize, focus on important issues, delegate and know how to say “no.” Remember that the only impossible thing is that which you don’t try.

Bad News

We are saturated with so much bad news. The main solution in this case is to eliminate excess, but even bad news can bring us some benefits. Bad news can bring us closer to family, friends and neighbors. We can turn that closeness into something positive for our lives and that of others. Bad news can also make you identify with a problem or situation that you may be part of the answer to. Do not focus and be part of the problem, focus and be part of the solution.


Unproductive idle time is a wasted opportunity that goes away and never comes back. All idle time can be turned into activities that bring benefits to you, yours and others. “Idle man, you will seldom be virtuous. By doing nothing you learn to do evil ” Do not waste the precious gift of time, take advantage of it to learn, create, organize, plan, serve, train, meditate, read and/or anything else that brings you benefits.

And remember, “And everyone who fights, disciplines himself in everything…”