There is no
guide to what we call life. There isn’t a step by step guide saying to do this
or to do that. Life is not linear. Life is full of jolts, twists, turns, high,
and even lows. Many set goals and attempt to reach the highest pinnacle in
their lives. But here is a question to ponder upon. What do you do in the
transition on the path toward meeting those set goals? You may have achieved
various goals but you still have more things on your goal list. However, there
may come a time in your life when words escape you and you feel perplexed. You
simply say, “what do I do next?” Words as, “where do I go from here?” may be
uttered from the crevices of your heart. The transition from here to there when
you have no more leads can be quite daunting. You may have no viable
connections and all you have is your vision. Is that enough to sustain you?

I have to have
a moment of transparency. Many days as the night began to fall and the dew from
the morning rain was nestled on the trees I cried. Tears dropped slowly down my
cheeks and I was still and I sat with my thoughts. I simply asked, “where do I
go from here?” My vision was much bigger than my reality and I said, “there has
to be more.” I had studied my craft, I served my community, I lent a helping
hand but I honestly had no clue what was next. I didn’t have tangible things to
reach for and my vision yet again didn’t match my reality. The transition!

Often there
are many as myself who people look to for hope or for answers. Many times you
lend words of care, comfort, and support and you see people igniting from words
that came from your lips. However, that moment ends and you are left alone. You
then say, “what are my next steps?” This is one thing that I implore that even
the encouraging one or the motivator needs the very same push that they give
others to help through those transitory moments.