You’re so excited! The big day is getting closer and closer and you just can’t wait to set out on a new adventure. You’ve got your bags packed, a good stock of supplies, and a full tank of gas … but then that little voice of anxiety starts to make itself heard. If you’re anything like me, the closer the big day gets the more these thoughts encroach. But here are a few ways to help you fully enjoy your time away.

Planning, Planning, and more Planning

Keeping myself organized and planning my moves well in advance gives me great peace of mind. For me, planning everything in the order that I will be doing them helps me to keep track of everything that needs to be done. For example, I start out with making a list of all the things I’ll need to take with me. Going to the beach? Make sure to take sunscreen! Headed for the ski slopes? Pack lots of warm clothes! Next, things like flights, a rental car, and a place to stay are essential. You don’t have to plan every single event but having a few key activities/destinations will help to give your trip structure and make sure you don’t spend too much time searching for things to do.

Protect Your Home

One thing I always worry about when on vacation is the safety of my home. We all work hard for the things we have, so if it’s not properly protected it can cause lots of vacation anxiety. Making sure your home looks ‘lived-in’ is a big deterrent to burglars. Make sure your lawn is well kept and that there is proper lighting. Make sure everything is secure by checking the locks on all the doors and windows before you leave, even if you don’t think you need to – the peace of mind this gives will leave no room for doubt. One good way to make sure all these things are kept in check is to get an innovate smart home security system and/or camera. You can also hire someone or have a trusted friend come to check on your home periodically. That way, there will be no doubt in your mind that everything is as secure as possible.

Set Rules in Advance

It’s important to set rules when it comes to your work and personal habits while on vacation. One good way to do this is to set an automatic reply on your work email to let anyone trying to reach you know that you will NOT be available. Even if you cheat and sneak a peek at your inbox every now and again, setting the expectation that you will not get back to them for some time takes the pressure off to check it regularly. Another good rule to set is to keep some of your regular routine. It’s important to your health and the way you feel to keep at least some semblance of your sleep and nutrition schedule. You’re on vacation, so indulging a little and staying up late a time or two for a fun event is fine, but if you’re not used to staying up late and indulging in food and/or drinks it can really throw off how you feel.


Going on vacation should be a fun and relaxing time, but most of us are going to worry about one thing or another. Making sure you have a set plan for all the things you need to get done can really help reduce anxiety and make you feel ready for the big day. Having proper protection and security for your home will give you peace of mind while you’re gone. Keeping rules concerning your eating and sleeping habits will ensure that you get the most out of your hard-earned vacation and that you feel like yourself throughout the trip and be 100% when you return.