Travel trends come and go as the tides turn. What we recognize as the travel norms today will be completely unrecognizable to us in a decade and beyond. Just think of how far we’ve come from the early days of flight when it was an exciting and expensive adventure. Today it’s just another vehicle. It’s impossible to say how different the future of travel will be, but there are some things that we know will never change, and the current trends that follow are certainly going to stick around.

Environmentally Friendly Travel

In the old days, you might see a world-traveler collecting their ticket stubs from across the world. Today, this is becoming less and less common, as e-tickets provide speedier and more eco-friendly registration. This, alongside online reservations and bookings, allows travelers to have instant access to travel, as well as preventing the frustration of losing a ticket or waiting as another passenger fumbles for their own.


In the old days, you would need to be well-prepared to speak with locals – learning important phrases such as ‘where is the restroom,’ ‘where is a hotel,’ or ‘how much does this cost.’ Today, with the advent of digital translation technology, we don’t have to worry about understanding the local language – we have all the knowledge of the world in our pockets. That’s not to say that it’s not still worth it to immerse ourselves a little bit, but the dangers of misunderstanding are no longer in play. It’s expected that the future of translation could be smaller, faster, and even facilitate conversations between travelers without a common language.

Hands-off Cameras

If you’ve ever had a bike tour in the hills of France or taken long hikes through the Alps, or any other active sort of vacation, you might be familiar with how frequently you have to stop and take a picture. Even though we already enjoy no longer needing to have photos developed, and even have instant printing available to us, there are still developing trends in photography that the traveler will enjoy. GoPros and Drone’s photography are providing hands-free and completely unique photographs to travelers all over the world.

These are just a few of the amazing ways that technology is revolutionizing travel. We continue to develop fantastic new technologies throughout the sciences and find innovative ways to integrate them into our daily lives and beyond. 

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