Australian beaches are among the most beautiful in the world  — it makes sense that you want to look your best playing on the sand or in the surf.

So, we come back to the (almost!) age-old question: what to wear, what to wear? As the Aussie’s say, no worries, mate! Read on to find the best fashionable swimsuit for your vacay to Oz.

The Plunge

One of the hottest trends in one-piece swim fashion is the plunging neck and backline. What’s not to love? You can the chic comfort and sleek coverage of a onesie, but also get to show a little skin. The Steve Beach onesie from the swim-style masters at Jolyn is one of the best fashionable swimsuits out there. Not only does it look super sexy, but it’s also playful and built for surfside adventures.

The Tropical Print

No vacation south of the equator is complete without some tropical print fashion. You don’t have to wear a Hawaiian shirt a la your dad’s retro button-down, but a bold and breathtaking (and more modern) tropical print one piece or two piece looks made in the shade and perfect for the sun on your Australian vacations. Zaful has designed a delightful two-piece that brings to bear the best in vintage feel with a contemporary cut. It’s fresh, it’s fun, and it’s cute. In other words, it’s everything you want in a fashionable swimsuit.

The Cut-Out

Cut-out swimsuits are one of the most fashionable swimsuits of the season. They’re cheeky and they’re also sophisticated, so it’s a suit that plays to the complexities of you as well as the trends by the sea and pool. This nude cut out by boohoo will show off your tan, beautifully, the the style is equally supportive and figure flattering.

Out of all these options, there’s bound to be a fashionable swimsuit that inspires sartorial love in the cockles of your sun-starved heart, so save yourself shopping around for fashion flops: slip into one of these suits.