New adventures await within the majestic docks of Newport Harbor, where boats of different sizes are scattered around, perfect for sailing across the sea and tranquil relaxation. Locals might be feeling on edge and are looking for a brand-new experience to tide them over. Travelers that are begging for a unique fun activity to enjoy with their friends and families should look no further than the boats that are docked within Newport Harbor. 

One such boat has caught the eye and grabbed the attention of many people, and rightfully so. The boat in question is none other than TikiFunBoats signature boat, the Big Bamboo, that patrons can rent out and experience for themselves. As its name implies, the Big Bamboo isn’t cramped and tiny like a regular Duffy boat rental. The Big Bamboo is spacious and provides customers with enough comfortable room where everyone can respect each other’s personal space. 

It’s fascinating how much thought went into the construction of the Big Bamboo. It serves its purpose in a meaningful way, without compromising any of its other features. As such, a charter as wondrous as what TikiFunBoats has to offer comes with a price tag. Luckily, individuals looking for a good time don’t have to worry about the price. Unlike yachts that cost a lot of money to rent out, TikiFunBoats provides relatively affordable rental fees that are competitively priced for what they have to offer.

With their spacious boats and island-themed aesthetic, travelers are sure to feel comfortable and relaxed when they decide to try a TikiFunBoats rental. The Big Bamboo is a good vibes experience that everybody must try whenever they find themselves in Newport Harbor. The tiki-style décor is great for photographs. They also have a custom hardwood Tiki Bar that one can sit and sip their favorite drink while enjoying the beautiful views. There is plush Tommy Bahama sofa seating where patrons can lounge and a small dining table to partake in meals. There’s also a built-in sound system where devices can connect via Bluetooth, allowing people to play their favorite music.

The boat can fit six people, great for families or groups of friends. It is better than Duffy boat rentals, which can feel somewhat claustrophobic and cramped in such a tiny space with its low ceiling height. There’s nothing comfortable about that at all. You also have to drive the Duffy boat where with TikiFunboats, you have a licensed captain who drives the boat. This way, people can relax, enjoy the beautiful views and their company. 

The beautiful island-style decorations that provide the perfect island ambiance are just the icing on the cake when you avail of a TikiFunBoats rental. Most of all, you get more value with TikiFunBoats than any other boat rental service in the Newport Harbor area. Travelers and locals of Newport Harbor have been raving about TikiFunBoats since the Big Bamboo tested the waters in 2019. People have rented the Big Bamboo for many uses, from birthday celebrations, team building events, to wine tasting with friends. 

With the success of TikiFunBoats in Newport Harbor, the company is looking to expand its reach by offering a franchise deal to interested parties. The goal is to expand the brand and provide a unique and exceptional boat charter to various harbor cities in the USA.

For travelers looking for a brand-new getaway experience or locals looking to try something new, visit the TikiFunBoats website for more information.