Never let your memories be greater than your dreams

Born and raised in Spain and the Philippines, Hafiz calls himself a digital nomad influenced by the great travelers-cum-storytellers like Anthony Bourdain. Inspired by such figures, he is dedicated to noting down his travels as an all-encompassing feature that speaks as much about the traveler as it does about the place.

Abdul Hafiz says as humans, we love traveling and exploring new places and doing thrilling activities. We like interacting with new people and getting to know the culture in a new city or country. When you travel, you will inevitably hit roadblocks that could keep you from reaching your desired destination, and you have to decide whether you will press on, or make an entirely new plan.

When you travel extensively, you begin to realize that in spite of all the differences, we all are the same somewhere deep down in our hearts. All your prejudices based on race, color and nationality will subside. You can’t truly hate anyone when you know what they have been through and why they behaved in a certain way in the first place. And when you travel, you have a better understanding of people and their actions.

If you have spent your life being reactive, reacting to the circumstances placed upon you and you want to change that and haven’t been able to do so, traveling will teach you to be proactive and control your own fate by yourself. Traveling forces one to be independent. This is, even more, the case when you travel on your own.

Traveling is a gift you can give yourself repeatedly, time, and time again. There are countless unforgettable memories created when you embark on a new adventure. From seeing how big the world really is to growing and changing from your adventures, travel is the best teacher.

Here are the reasons, why traveling is really the best teacher.

You See How Big the World Really Is

We have a great sense of community and life tends to be a little less hectic. Even if all your adventures are within your own country, you can explore more than the typical destinations that are popular among families. Why not road trip to less common places? Perhaps stay at beautiful less common state parks or explore a town that’s no one’s ever heard of. Knowledge is power, so let’s teach everyone that there is a great big world outside of their hometown.

Learn to do new Things

Traveling helps to learn new things in each and every step you take, it tests you when you’re exploring your way into the unknown. It naturally forces you to do things that you wouldn’t have done otherwise. While traveling we adapt ourselves to the new environment that helps in overall learning.

Management Skills Improve

When we travel, there are many things to manage and you need to plan a lot of things beforehand to travel and even if one thing is being missed out by you, you’ll get in trouble. In other words, planning your travel is like a crash course in better management with which your management skills improve and you’ll become a good manager.

You learn social skills.

You may be a little shy and find it difficult to engage yourself socially. But traveling will change that as things like talking to complete strangers or asking them for a favor is not an option but a necessity during travels. Lack of skills in conversation, presentation, and public speaking often limit opportunities for us. Most of us find it difficult to master them how hard we try. If you’re facing difficulty with them, traveling will make your situation much easier.