“Wherever you go that’s where you are.” Maybe you travel for business or are in a nomadic phase of transition. Either way, you find yourself in new and unfamiliar surroundings. As exciting as such circumstances can be, they are also disruptive to your system, sleep patterns and sense of well-being. For this reason it helps to have strategies to make travel, and or transitional periods such as couch surfing as comfortable and seamless as possible.

I’m a Feng Shui expert and my job is to help people create sacred space in their homes and businesses where they can thrive. That same feeling of coming home and or feeling at home in ones surroundings can be replicated by having a little Feng Shui Travel Kit for the road. Whether your packing for a trip or between spaces, I can help you make the most of these new places!

What you will need and why:

1. Clearing Tools — sage or palo santo serve as sacred clearing tools which you burn, however you should only use these if you can open a window to allow for the release of the energies you’re clearing. You’ll want one of these to release any non beneficial energies from your new setting. Sage is very powerful and most effective at eliminating heavier energies and clearing spaces such as hotel rooms where many people’s energies have been. You have to be careful and use a heat safe dish. Palo Santo is gentler, burns cleaner and has an aromatic scent much like frankincense. It’s also less flammable than Sage. You can find either of these at farmers markets, holistic bookstores or Amazon.

2. A candle — to light your wishes and ground the tiny altar you will create with your kit. It can be scented or unscented depending on your preference and whether you are also bringing incense or not. don’t forget a lighter just in case though most hotels will have matches. If you are couch surfing, your host may or may not have a lighter…

3. Gems — one or a couple well chosen crystals and gems are a nice option to bring for both their beauty and energetic influences. Rose Quartz for instance has a loving vibration and amethyst stone has a meditative vibration. You can decide which gems most sooth and appeal to you. Visit a crystal shop and experiment!

4. Sacred Symbols — maybe you have a mini Buddha or Virgin Mary or Ganesha or even an animal totem. Bring whichever sacred symbol most appeals and is small enough to travel with. This will create the sacred grounding and protection you might long for when in an unfamiliar setting.

5. Incense — to gently clear a space and raise the vibration. It also smells nice and helps make the space aromatic and pleasant. This option is great even if no window is available to open.

6. Sea Salt — salt is an ancient tool for absorbing negative energy. Make a sea salt mister with sea salt and water. You can find glass or plastic misting bottles at places like Whole Foods, Amazon or even beauty supply stores. This is the cleanest most efficient way to use sea salt without making a mess and what I like to use for Space Clearing ceremonies. Because it’s a mister, it will also stimulate mood enhancing negative ions much like the kind you find at the beach. Spray away the bad vibes!

7. Two Scarves — one to cover the TV and another to create a small traveling altar. Televisions emit EMF’s and are disruptive to sleep so I recommend covering them with a lovely scarf when not in use . This is especially true if you are staying in a hotel room with a TV directly across from your bed. Make sure to cover the TV when not using it and especially before bed. The second scarf will come in handy to place on a table or night stand and create a mini altar to place your aforementioned candle, incense crystals and any other symbols like say a mini Buddha or other items that you choose for your scared kit.

8. Fresh Flowers — these are optional and not something you’ll bring in your kit or suitcase but something you can introduce into your new surroundings to raise the vibration! When you bring fresh flowers into a space, it brings life and healthy Chi or energy to it. Nicer hotels might already have these and if you are being hosted, a bouquet of flowers is a nice gesture you can give your host that will benefit you both!

Use one of the scarves to wrap up your sacred kit and walla; you are ready to hit the road! For more tips on how to create sacred space on the go or at home visit http://narrativespacefengshui.com/ , sign up for my free newsletter http://eepurl.com/b3XLez or reach out to me directly at [email protected] Safe Travels!

Originally published at medium.com