guy traveling in nature

Being born out of my native country was a big advantage for me. I believe that’s not the only reason behind my passion for travelling, but it’s one of the biggest for sure. My passion for travelling to different places began when I was 8, as I remember.

There was no specific reason to travel at that time. The only concern of mine was the outdoor entertainment. Be it early morning breakfast at a view where the sunrise is visible or a supper at long driveways, I just had an urge to leave the house, especially on weekends.

Time flew, and I found something uniquely wonderful:

If you travel without a purpose, you will probably learn nothing!

Just for the sake of entertainment, I don’t think that to be a sound Why behind leaving your house and travelling to somewhere else for holidays. If you set a purpose for travelling, you shall definitely learn something that is not available in books.

In the first quarter of 2021, I found my Why for travelling, and this taught me a lot. I travel to observe different creations of God, and it brings me closer to my Creator. I believe that there can be more than one reason to travel, but this one has really given me a vivid picture of the world.

Before moving on to what travelling has taught me so far, I want to tell you that travelling is not expensive at all. The more you think about the expenses, the more you will move closer towards the cancellation of the plan. Therefore, think less about the cost because the inevitable cost is only there; other expenditures depend on you.

Transport and residence, these 2 aspects are those where you can’t avoid the cost. Since you are not going to travel every other week or month, make sure not to act like a miser.

Now, here are some teachings you can learn via travelling:

  • Explore the World

The world is open to exploring, and there is no one who can stop you from travelling to different places. Only you have to plan smartly and schedule your tour. If you lack experience, then worry no more because tourism agencies are available nowadays, and you can select the best one after checking out the reviews.

  • “Travel Like a Traveller”

This refers to the carriable stuff one brings during the trip. If you are a traveller, you must not carry a load of household goods with you. Take a luggage bag and fill in the most basic travelling stuff like a first-aid box, additional clothes, deodorant, towel, and a torch with batteries. That’s it. This shows that everyone is a traveller in this world.

  • Diversification

There are other human beings living in different places, and you will be introduced to a whole new level of mindset. This made me realise that there are various ways to spend life under the shadow of religion and ethics. The way I spend my life is not the best one. It will broaden the mind and heart as well.

  • Unique Food

This one is my favourite; when you visit new places, your appetite will change its taste accordingly. You will find different cuisines cooked by people of different ethnicities. As the diversification has its own taste, you will enjoy the most common non-native course like a special one.

  • Mind Rejuvenation

The mind needs a break from the vicious routine, and travelling to somewhere uncommon refreshes the mind in the best way. Once you reach your destination, the changing climate, new people, even the air you will breathe will rejuvenate your mind and soul.

Man rejuvenating
Picture Credits: Pexels

I’m looking forward to more learning via travelling. If you are confused about where to go? I would suggest head to the closest rural area that’s suitable to visit. Leave the downtown life for a time and enjoy the natural phenomenon in the rural side of your country. You will surely experience a great time, and I can guarantee that once you come back home, the appetite to travel again will be there inside you.

You must have met people who are travel fanatics, and they spend most of their life travelling. On top of that, they have made travelling their source of income, which means they are following their passion, enjoying their life, and getting paid for it. I mean, wow, how amazing is that, isn’t it?

If you think you can also do something wonderful like that, make sure you give it a try right now. Do something common in an extraordinarily unique way so that people can find value for themselves in your work and pay you for travelling the world.