What could be more classic than his own signature bowl!

Doggie Bowl with Salmon BHH

“The Pink Palace” is the new Plush Pup Resort for You and Your Pet

It’s the mecca for Hollywood’s elite, a home to stars and high society patrons, it remains one of the most iconic hotels in the world. Nothing can compare to its history or compete with its 12 lush acres of tropical gardens and exotic flowers… just ask Journey he’s been on the prowl.

He’s a celebrity! They rolled out the red carpet to greet him.

opening shot bbh twj

“What becomes a legend most is when controversy collides with politics but tradition remains the same. The Beverly Hills Hotel has always preserved the vestibules of Hollywood’s Golden Age and beyond. It is the most iconic hotel in the entire Dorchester Collection.” Nancy Chuda

We just returned from Paris and London having stayed at Le Meurice, The Dorchester, 45 Park Lane and Coworth Park in Ascot… all properties part of the collection. Each hotel offers exceptional culinary choices but what brings the memories to life is the Tasting Menu served by the Beverly Hills Hotel.


LuxEcoLiving Travels with Journey

We sampled some of the best. But the Chocolate Souffle remains the crown jewel of deserts from the Polo Lounge.

Polo Lounge Souffle

As part of the in room dining service we reminisced about our exquisite culinary experiences throughout the Dorchester Collection.

Jim Nancy Journey Taste In Room


From the moment we checked in… Journey got his treats!

Jpourney Treat

LuxEcoLiving Travels with Journey

Our suite was magnificent. On the third floor and overlooking the palm-trees, a forest to be exact.


Journey settled in comfortably on his favorite blanket, a Native American designed towel by Pendleton from Outpost Trading Company. Perfect for traveling with your pet.

Journey on blanket BHH

Keeping the tradition alive

Photo Credits “The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows – The First 100 Years” by Robert S. Anderson


Over the past one hundred years, Hollywood stars have enjoyed the timeless glamour of this dramatically beautiful setting. Some left their marks (BC) Before Cells.

Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth


journey and waitress bhh

Journey and I had a chance to linger by the palm-tree lined pool, complete with newly refurbished private cabanas. Breakfast was cooked to perfection poolside at the Cabana Café. Journey took time to warm our waitress’s feet.

nancy journey cabanna 2

History abounds mixed with rumors but some say the one of the biggest splashes heard around Hollywood was Katharine Hepburn once dove fully clothed into the pool after a tennis game. Compared to today’s stars and their behavioral antics that seems rather dull. In the ‘60’s the Beatles were sneaked into the pool through a back way.

Hernando Courtright, who ran the hotel in the 1930s and ’40s, is responsible for the hotel’s pink facade and striped awnings.


The History of the famous Beverly Hills Hotel Bungalows

Our last night we dined in the Polo Lounge. What a treat! Chef Robert Antonyan is a rising star! WATCH

Chuda and Chef

LuxEcoLiving’s Nancy and James Chuda with Robert Antonyan

The Polo Lounge- “John Ehrlichman learned of the Watergate break-in while breakfasting here.”

Charlie Chaplin

No hotel in the world can compare to its history There is only one Polo Lounge and the man who knows all. Meet Pepe De Anda the Director. WATCH:

Editor’s Notes:

The key to its preservation is based on how it honors and supports its staff. Many have been employed for decades and are true to its heritage. The service is outstanding. The spaces and rooms have been refreshed but the ambiance and lure of Hollywood is felt on every inch of the property.For the past one hundred years the BHH has garnered more golden moments then Oscar has produced in its historic Academy. Just ask Warren Beatty and ….OH GOD! George Burns


Anecdote: For years Charlie Chaplin had a standing lunch reservation for booth 1. It remained empty if he didn’t show up.

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