Imagine for a second a beautiful tree or a lush rose bush. They are healthy because they were pruned. Landscapers encouraged their healthy growth by removing dead branches and other obstacles destroying their health and stifling their growth. When you resist change [pruning], you are preventing yourself from growing into your full potential.

Pruning Improves Tree Health

The greatest good of any tree is to grow into a healthy and beautiful tree, which gives of itself freely and serves without expectation.  Trees filter the air we breathe and lovingly provide shelter from the elements, without asking much in return for their services. Some trees also meet our need for food.

Growth Is Enhanced With Pruning

What is the greater good of any human?  To grow into the phenomenal person, he/she was created to be.  A beautiful person who is totally healthy and living an abundant life, living from a state of love. 

To grow into your full potential requires that you get pruned periodically of dead weight (the negative story) and remove obstacles in your path that have been blocking you or preventing you from healthy growth (your full potential).

Resisting Change Hinders Your Growth

Change often sneaks up on you; yet sometimes, it screams at you loudly because you continue to believe that what you have now is all that you can and will have. 

Unfortunately, that is true, because if you keep holding on to what you have now, that is all you will ever have.  However, if you let go and open your heart and mind to the opportunities for love and growth, you will be surprised just how much more you can grow/achieve.

Change tries to get your attention by making you uncomfortable with what you have (discomfort/ uneasy feeling), but you ignore change and hold on desperately. Many people, myself included, hold on and resist change because of fear.

Pruning Helps You Gain Clarity

  1. I learned that some of my beliefs were not grounded in reality.
  2. My emotional landscape was a mess and destroying my health.
  3. What I thought I needed, I already had. 
  4. More important, I realized that when I got rid of the dead weight, literally and figuratively, I was set free.  
  5. With pruning, the light came in and I gained clarity about myself and my true purpose. 
  6. I figured out my “Why” and understood how important that was for me to not only achieve my goal, but enjoy the journey with joy, peace, and contentment.

Do You Know Your “Why”?

Do you know “why” you are here, your purpose? Do you know “why” that is important, “why” that matters? What is your true purpose and are you giving yourself the opportunity to live that purpose with passion? 

Understand that the negative story you have been telling yourself and the faulty map that you have been using are affecting your total health. Your story and your map determine if you are living abundantly.

  1. First, take the time to know your “Why?” if you want to create any sustainable change in your life.
  2. Second, reshape your story [change B.E.T.H. to B.E.S.T.].
  3. Third, make a plan to use a better M.A.P.
  4. Finally, get totally healthy with love [love of God, self, and others], by being consistent [discipline] daily. Remember to incorporate mindfulness in your life to help you choose healthier habits and keep you living in the present.

Get Pruned And Get Totally Healthy

  • Let go of the dead weight (clean out your emotional landscape) daily
  • Trust in the process of growth by accepting change gracefully
  • Believe in your worth and your potential (gain a positive mindset)
  • Live the abundant and fulfilled life you were created for (get your needs met in healthy ways)
  • Change your attitude to one of love and gratitude
  • Be consistently committed to practicing your healthy routines daily