While we were swinging into Spring, our sacred trees have been challenged by the see-saw affects of Global Warming, but they made it as we can make it through the challenged times since there will be a tomorrow or else they’ll be nothing to remember…

Photo: Frank T. Kryza

Tomorrow is a forecast not a guarantee — it is our to formulate vs. accepting a script handed to us via; news outlets, television, radio, pundit wish-wash, locker room gossip, social media and cable.

I choose to frame what I want, as my attempt to invite the Universe to support my vision. I am not a sheep and choose to follow my heart and soul-speak, before any external suggestions.

We are in control of our intentions, but it can take a lifetime to remember how to know them.

How Great Thou Art is a chorus line worthy of consideration since ALL is within us and we are within us all.

Originally published at medium.com