Trekking can be fun and at the same time useful in helping you maintain good physical health. After reading some detailed information here on how thrilling a trek at the mountainous areas of Nepal can be, I decide to take the trip and fly to Nepal. 

A visit to Nepal is exhilarating, thrilling and a memory worth remembering for eons and eons of years to come. Nepal gives you a feeling of success especially when you have conquered all the other mountains in other regions in the world and are left with the most daunting one; Mt Everest, the highest mountain in the world. Everest dwarfs all other high attitudes in the world. It spits on them and shows them the middle finger but be wary of Nepal because it might harass you brutally with its cold temperatures, the never-ending snow on the peaks and the cold draughts of wind.

A 2017 short-list by Lonely Planet on the best travel places to in the world had Nepal as one of them. By then Nepal had just recovered from the two earth-shattering earthquakes and was indeed quickly getting on its feet. Lonely Planet also went to explore the benefits of touring Nepal and one was that one could comfortably and even lavishly survive on a measly $50 a day without having to feel as though they are paupers.

According to wikipedia, tourists visiting Nepal stay for an average 11.78 days and it is suggested that during this period, they will be trekking the mountainous region as well as savoring the local cuisine and getting enchanted by the Nepalese rich culture

Nepal will also excite you with her thrilling cuisine made of dal bhat where dal is some sweet lentil soup and bhat is boiled rice. What with their spicy chutni and delicious vegetable called tarkari.

Nepal boar

If you are into archery, Nepal will indeed be the treat of your lifetime with their bluesheep, boar and tahr hunting so make sure that you carry your crossbow with you as you pack your luggage to go to Nepal. However as you hunt, make sure you first get yourself aware of the hunting rules in the country. For example once you are given a hunting permit, you can only hunt in a certain block and if found hunting else, you will be prosecuted.

What irked me was that it was as though many people do not know the value of trees in a country such as Nepal and they have done lots of deforestation in the area, a thing that might not be really pleasing for an environmental conservationist like me.

Nepal also has rich history all the way from the time that Neolithic tools were discovered in the area which was a clear testament that indeed human life did exist in Nepal from 

What tools you need for trekking at Nepal

  1. Backpack

You will need a backpack to carry some changing clothes, food and maybe a flask of hot water. Make sure that the backpack is sturdy enough and made of high quality material so that it does not break easily.

2. Ski poles

Skiing is one of the exciting things to do at Nepal. It is both a game and an exercise activity that everyone who goes to Nepal should engage in. Burn them calories but without the ski poles, then you might miss out on the fun.

3.Snow trekkers

For ease in trekking in the snow, get yourself a pair of sturdy snow trekkers

4. Snake boots

Nepal has been said to be heavily infested with snakes of different species such as the bungarus bungaroides, bungarus caeruleus and bungarus fasciatus which are very poisonous and would make to bite you in the heel. With the top snake boots, you need not fear since all they will be biting at is the tough sole or the impermeable leather on the boot.