The trend is taking precedent and I promise this is one trendy thing that will make you feel good — expression of gratitude and a public expression of positive language, hope and faith.

It’s a perfect counterpoint to the efforts of those mischievous persons who insist on creating and spreading negative commentary and those nasty memes about public figures and political ideology.

I can’t imagine all the people in the world agreeing upon a single faith or ideology. But I can imagine those who think we should follow one single faith or ideology. Regrettably, it’s easy to point out the rise of radical and violent religious fundamentalism as demonstrated around the world. History proves that regardless of doctrine, fundamentalists take to authoritarian retribution and violence. In fact, a recent report reads, “The experts warned that authoritarianism is beginning to replace democracy, in countries such as Turkey, the Philippines, Hungary, Poland, Brazil and Egypt — as well as in China and Russia.”

Authoritarian/autocratic behavior is not necessarily religious or politically based. Such conduct is easily witnessed in small groups and organizations — something I’ve witnessed over the years as a volunteer for nonprofit groups. And how many folks grew up in a family led by an authoritarian parent?

My point is that an individual can fall prey to letting another make their decisions for them, learn to never think outside of the box, grow in rigidity and mock compromise as weakness, and daily lose their individuality.

The trend to express gratitude is the antithesis to domineering negative behavior. Once we begin to seek grace in the tiniest elements surrounding us, joy takes hold of the heart. I’d rather awaken with joy in my heart than awaken with contrariness because my world is not how I believe it should be. My world is how I choose to make it.

This does not mean that we bury our heads in the sand or dance about in fantasy strawberry fields. A recent photo of California strawberry fields washed out to nearby beaches by unusually potent rains and wind, defined the fallacy of strawberry fields forever. Storms happen. Facts are facts. Loss is a reality.

But do we dwell on the misfortune or move forward knowing that we can make a choice to find peace in challenged times or do we become a scurrilous mouthpiece for chaos makers?

Suffering sucks. So take those moments as lessons learned. Education is a good thing. Let’s celebrate that addition to personal wisdom. This gives us the power — the power to wade through challenged times and to become a force for good.

I grasp the fact that I do not have complete control over my life. There are many incidents that still make me wonder and question the why. A curtain conceals my future. So I take pleasure in the moment and honor the gift of gratitude for all the good in my life. This act negates the negativity of chaos makers and their followers — a trend worthy of personal, interactive and social media spread.

Whatever a person frequently thinks and reflects on, that will become the inclination of their mind. —Buddha