Each one of us has a different opinion about ways of schooling our kids. Most of us preferred a regular school going program over home schooling. Former approach has been in vogue ever since the need arose for universal education standards for one and all. Schools whether private or public, turned out as a boon for parents and children alike. Both the parties wanted some ‘me’ time and independence. Although mother happens to be the first teacher for a child, still the fact remains that she prefers a regular school schedule for her kid. There have been a few exceptions around where parents want to home school there kids and yes that too without any online classes. Such parents let their children learn from nature and life lessons.Few months back, majority of us would have shrugged at the approach of home schooling our kids. Well who knew it would become the new normal and we would be left with no choice. For mothers who are homemakers, situation is no different than working mothers. The only help in hand is the internet connection and teachers who are willing to teach via online portal. It is the need of the hour. Challenge is to monitor it, keep up with it and make sure the child reaps the maximum benefits. Home schooling in present time is like retuning are daily timetables.

Readjustments are required urgently not in our daily lives, but only in perception. The more we try to see it as a difficult situation the more our minds will rebel. Try and trick your brains by reminding it that the situation is temporary and I am not the only one dealing with it. Let’s just be more mindful of our thoughts. Students irrespective of their age and class around the world feel that they are having extended holidays. That their prayers have finally been answered. They want to get up late and sleep late. Kind of watch television and play around. We as parents need to understand that in a way children are trying to avoid the stress which has been created by the ongoing pandemic. They are the ones who are actually undeterred by it. Despite maintaining social distance they are doing better than adults. Discipline needs to be maintained but we can be little lenient.
Barter system can reap magical outcomes. Let’s say, two hours of study time equals to half an hour of gaming or one hour of drawing. Gardening and other house hold chores can also be added to the list. Reward point system can be formulated and the chart may be maintained. Be futuristic and enlighten kids about many gifts they might get in exchange of their points. Don’t forget to update them about negative marking as well. Together we can and we will make a difference, keep motivating your kids towards a better future.