Stress is a necessary evil. Staying away from stress is not an option that we can take.We need to control stress & gain from stress, rather than stress managing us negatively.

How could we harness grit and resilience in challenging situations so that we are able to move forward positively in stressful circumstances?

The answer to this very important question is coined in the powerful abbreviation that I have created for all of us and that is P*-P*-C* (as explained below).

Managing our emotions in the positive(P*) constructive manner is one of the secret recipes to success when we are put in extreme stressful situations. When we see the pressure as a challenge, we are simulated to give the attention and energy needed to make our best effort.

Be Positive(P*) and get in touch with our senses.Remembering our past success increases the confidence .The golden rule being not letting our emotions overpower our intelligence. “Successful leaders handle pressure very well and they don’t get perturbed” or in other words they manage their emotions well.

Don’t worry about getting defeated that is only a chance ,we need to concentrate on the task in hand now(stay in the present,one more P*)! Most of the times people fail because the dominant emotion is that of losing (fear of failure). So be strong and tackle the challenges.

All of us can learn from athletes who are very good at coming back into the game by being in control(C*) of the situation by enjoying the game despite the pressure to win. This means developing Resilience Power like that of Michael Jordan who on several occasions through his brilliant last minute efforts saved his team Chicago bulls through photo finishes and long shots to success.

The resilience to put it very simple is the ability to reload and adjust as fast as possible.By paying attention to how we react to a trigger situation we could develop self awareness to improve our resilience power. This also means achieving a level of maturity by managing the day to day challenges in the most appropriate manner. Handling challenges are like going through physical exercise that would strengthen us and would equip us to deal with various situations by being more resilient.

Remove all negativity and put all such thoughts into the recycle bin.Be fearless and concentrate on our capability with confidence.Always remember that positive anything is better than negative nothing and make sure you stay in control.

To put it simply….*Stay the P-P-C way: Well, this could be the best mantra to succeed while under pressure.

Stay Positive (P) ,Stay in the Present (P) and Stay in Control(C)..{*Stay P-P-C}.P-P-C is also all about changing the mindset positively by focusing, relaxing and enjoying while we visualize the goal and get immersed in the process.

“Get tough: Don’t work under pressure; Work over pressure”

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