Employee goals

In any business, you must do some reflection and be able to set goals not only for yourself but also for the organization as a whole. In business, you must come up with new strategies every now and then to boost sales, get new clients and even find new avenues of revenue. One thing most company heads usually forget is to find new ways by which you can motivate one of the most vital resources in any organization; your employees. When left without direction, employee momentum can come to a screeching halt. This means a lack of motivation for the employee; which in turn means no zeal to go the extra mile and also new ideas will be quite difficult to come by. In order to keep momentum on your side and employee motivation high, there are a few things you can always do:

Keep the communications channels open

It’s crucial that a business owner is in touch with their employees. Although in larger companies it might now be as simple, it’s critical that you place communication as a policy through the company so that there are ones and cohesion throughout. For all companies, it’s important that communication and transparency be present from the top to the bottom of the organization. Not only should the leaders be able to touch base with their employees on a professional level, but they should also be aware of what’s going on at the personal level. This becomes an opportunity to better know your employees, and also remind them that their efforts as they do their jobs aren’t going unseen. This not only makes the employee feel valued and respected, but it also makes them feel like part of the team.

Develop a culture where “talent-seeking” is the norm

Developing a positive culture in the workplace is very important. Especially when it comes to talent, every business wants to attract the best and the brightest to their ranks. So that they can in turn be in the front line for their bright ideas so as to boost efficiency and productivity in the workplace. In this regard, savvy business owners will want to keep the fires in the staff bellies lighting higher and higher. To do this, you can choose to use conference speakers to motivate them. Conference speakers have honed motivational speaking to an art form. They know exactly how to motivate people and making them feel full of new resolve and also helping them to overcome barriers they might have set for themselves. However, it’s crucial to find the right speakers for your employees. With the right speakers, you know that you are going to get someone great who knows their job and also believes in the process.

Recognizing achievements

Achievements in the workplace are crucial to progress. It’s critical that the efforts of your employees be recognized to continue motivating them and helping them feel that much more valued by the company. Although not everyone can be a top performer in the team, it’s crucial that you appreciate every member and the contribution they bring to the team. It’s important to note that different members contribute in different ways, such as: providing much-needed assistance to the top performers, properly doing menial tasks efficiently and without complaint, and even by offering encouragement and motivation to the rest of the team during the undertaking of demanding projects. It’s important to show each member that they are valued members of the team and that their efforts don’t go unnoticed. Doing this makes people feel important to the team, which enables them to reach and exceed their goals every time!

Team building retreats

For any organization to thrive, the various employees and entities in the company must act as a team. This means that communication, respect, integrity and cohesion can foster the different elements in the team to act as one organism thereby achieving greater success when carrying out projects. To create a good team, you need something more than professional to act as the glue. In most office settings, people are often about business and often nothing else. By having team-building exercises, you help your employees let their hair down and show a fun side of them. Not only does this aid your staff to blow off steam, but it also helps them create a friendship that goes further than the office. While at the retreat, you can play games and even send in conference speakers to fire them up some more. When as a leader you see that your team is lacking in certain elements, it’s essential that you find panellists or speakers, meet the expectations of the goers and deliver on what they need to reach the next level.

Accepting new ideas

When employees feel inspired, coming up with ideas becomes a bit easier than when they feel like they aren’t being listened to. As such, an uninspired or monotonous workplace will lead to employees being physically present but mentally checked out. To eliminate such a notion, the employees should know that every idea is welcome and if it’s good, then implementation will be done well and credit given where it’s due. As such, eliminating levels of bureaucracy such as long meetings and discussions on if or how to implement something new should no longer be acceptable. In this spirit, it’s important to build a culture where people aren’t afraid to voice their ideas in meetings. Everyone should have a voice and give their idea as soon as it comes in.

Properly motivating a team is not quite as easy as it sounds. It needs commitment and works to bring teams together in such a way that they can get through anything placed in front of them. When a team is properly motivated, they are likely to reach and surpass any goals that have been set for a certain period because they know that they are valued, and they also know that they will be rewarded appropriately at the end of it all. When employees are doing their work well, then the business is more likely to succeed than when the employees aren’t motivated. By keeping morale high, you create an environment of excellence and success.


  • Michelle has a masters in human psychology and a diploma in biology. She is actively involved in writing about the health and lifestyle issues faced by people. She has been helping people in building a healthier lifestyle and has been working with non-profit organizations for almost a decade.