Adam Levinter is the Founder of Scriberbase, Podcast Host of E2 Entrepreneurs Exposed, and Author of The Subscription Boom.” Levinter leans in with the best methods to build a Portfolio Career, through unique company positioning, brand awareness, and modern strategic planning. 

Scriberbase, Consulting 

As we enter the next phase of commerce, a customer can no longer be just a customer. They have to be a subscriber. The most valuable businesses understand this shift and have used subscription to bolster recurring revenue, customer loyalty, and predictable cash flow. Whether it’s Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, or Salesforce, winning companies have leveraged subscription as their core business model. 

“The Subscription economy is a $15 billion global market anticipated to reach nearly $500B by 2025. We help our clients navigate and succeed.” – says Levinter. 


Competition is fierce, and customer loyalty comes at a premium. It’s tough to make a business work when you’re selling something once. To generate real traction, companies need to sell a customer something several times over. This is the new Subscription Economy

Commerce has shifted from a transactional economy to a relationship-driven one, in which subscription business models are anchoring today’s most successful companies and will continue to do so for years to come. 

Using lessons learned as a founder & CEO of a subscription/membership company, in combination with plenty of research for his book, “The Subscription Boom,” Levinter founded Scriberbase, a truly unique consultancy specializing in the strategy and execution of subscription business models. 

“The Subscription Boom,Publishing 

While the concept of subscription dates back to the 1600s, the modern digital boom began in 2012 when hundreds of companies earned bountiful buzz for selling monthly boxes of just about anything that could be packed and shipped. Since then, the business model has reshaped entire categories of goods and services suggesting a permanent shift into a “Subscription Economy.” 

The key to driving growth in the digital-first economy is rooted in a business model as old as print magazines. “The Subscription Boom” explores this phenomenon, and the future of commerce, diving into the growth strategies of companies like Amazon, Dollar Shave Club, Spotify, Ipsy, Shopify, Netflix, etc, and the common thread that runs through all of them— subscription as the core business model. 

E2 – Entrepreneurs Exposed, Podcast 

Web 2.0 meant all companies had to have a website. In the next 5 years, every company will need a podcast. While many may feel intimidated by the process, the truth is, anyone can start a high-quality show, quickly and cost-effectively. 

In 2018, Levinter launched a business-style podcast on a $200 budget. Since then, “E2- Entrepreneurs Exposed” is approaching its 100th episode and has grown to become one of the most respected business and entrepreneurship podcasts in Canada/USA. Showcasing founders and creators, Levinter exchanges valuable insight with some of the most well-known Founders and Executives around the world on the show. 

“Over the course of 3 years, I have interviewed 95+ CEOs, founders, leaders, and entrepreneurs doing amazing things in business and beyond.
Their stories are truly inspiring, and the goal is to share them.” 

Past guests of the show include incredible founders such as Bruce Linton (Canopy Growth), Brian Smith (Ugg Boots), Brian Scudamore (1800 Got Junk), Steven Holmes (Springfree Trampoline), Jeff Adamson (Skip The Dishes), Mike Gettis (Endy Mattress), Jesse Horwitz (Hubble Contacts), and others. 

Later this Spring, Levinter is also launching a new online course, called the “Pop-Up Podcast” to help others start their own show. Excited to share his own experience, the now experienced Show Host believes a podcast is the most valuable networking tool out there. 

The Subscription Boom