Speculation is mounting now that Trump lost the election. As this is Donald’s third marriage it is certainly not his first rodeo when it comes to divorce.  For a man who treats everything like business, love appears to be no exception. Due to being the wife of a thrice married man, many believe Melania is prepared.

The couple married in 2005 making their marriage not quite long term. The Trumps are now residents of Florida not New York. Though neither jurisdiction are community property states (so marital property is not necessarily 50/50 split), it would not come as a shock that Donald and Melania have a prenuptial or even a postnuptial agreement. What it says is a secret other than to a handful of advisors and lawyers. There is certainly plenty to speculate. As the White House was an unexpected path for the couple, it is widely believed in the matrimonial community this turn likely led to an update on the prenuptial agreement.  Melania appeared a reluctant first lady, but it was a job she may have been paid handsomely to complete.

According to Newsweek, Donald was accused of cheating on all his wives. The October 2016 release by The Washington Post of a tape on which Trump is heard saying the now infamous where you can “grab a woman” likely did not strengthened their relationship. Despite his multiple well publicized scandals and alleged payoffs, Donald and Melania refused to confirm his alleged cheating, at least in public. Though there was certainly plenty of visual evidence for the press, taking separate transportation, skipping events, and no mention of their anniversary.  

Should Donald and Melania divorce, they would be in uncharted waters as no American President has divorced after leaving the White House. Further, of the 45 (soon to be 46) Presidents of the United States only Ronald Regan and Donald Trump have ever divorced. Regan once. Donald Twice.  Shortly following their respective unsuccessful bids for the 1980 and 2000 presidential elections Ted Kennedy and Al Gore divorced.  As first ladies, Florence “Flossie” King DeWolfe, wife of Warren Harding was a divorcee with one son when she married. Elizabeth Ann Bloomer divorced her first husband to later marry Gerald Ford. Though one of the most interesting White House scandals was the wife of Andrew Jackson who was technically still married to her first husband when she wed soon to be President Jackson. Rachel Jackson died after her husband was elected but before the inauguration.

What the couple will do next and where they will live (separate or a part) is still unknown. However, it is likely that should they divorce Melania will have to sign a non-disparagement agreement, as did Marla Maples according to Vanity Fair. Therefore, Melania will not be able to write a book, give an interview, or provide any type of tell all that would paint Donald in a bad light.

Only time will tell if we will see Melania and Donald as a couple that grows old(er) together. Like hundreds of thousands of other Americans, for the Trumps 2020 may prove to be make or break when it comes to marriage.  Like the rest of us they still have to make it through the holidays and keep a smile on their faces for their families.  The Trumps, however, will have to do so in public.