trust the process | Jan Marie Mueller

Chances are you´ve been there, too. You have a plan, you´ve got your steps down and you´re moving forward at breakneck speed – only to slam into a wall! Before you know it your plan is flipped on its head and everything turns out differently than you thought it would. What do you do? How do you deal with all that chaos and uncertainty?! HINT: Trust the process.

That´s right…the key here is trust.

When you get knocked off course or life goes unexpectedly wrong, the best thing you can do is take a HUGE step back…and trust the big picture.

Flexibility Over Control

There´s a lot to be said for letting go of expectations instead of fighting against what we can´t always control. Over time, I´ve learned to “try to control” life less and trust the process more. Doing this is how I stay grounded and calm when life gets messy and complicated.

When I was younger, I tried to control everything…to the point that it became a running joke in our family. If something needed to get done, Jan Marie had a plan for it and you´d better not get in her way!

Looking back now, I see that much of the stress and many of the hurdles I struggled with in my life were of my own making. I´ve come a long way since then.

I know now, there´s very little in life that you have complete control over. There´s nothing wrong with making plans or setting expectations – as long as you´re open to surprises. Lose that openness and flexibility of mind and drama, dissatisfaction and frustration are often the result.

Everything presents itself at the right time. And sometimes the time´s just not right. Perhaps it never will be. Period.

Trusting the process means knowing and having faith that there´s a reason – though you may not fully understand it – for what you are going through at any moment in time. Deep down, I have this unshakeable sense of trust that the reason things happen in my life is because circumstances are rearranging themselves for my higher good.

This is what supports me and keeps me moving forward – even when life seems less than certain.

When Life´s Not Going The Way You Want

There are things you can do that will help…

♥ Know that life is a series of learning moments

You´re here to work through each lesson and to grow. And, while growth is often uncomfortable, it´s also very much worth it.

♥ Ask yourself how you want to feel – each moment of every day

Because it´s not just about what you expect from life, it´s about the feelings behind those expectations. Look closely at how you want to feel and DO more of what makes you feel that way.

♥ Embrace calm and mindfulness – especially, when you´re struggling

I honestly believe that the universe brings us the challenges we need. Let go of what you can´t control and focus your energy on being mindful and calm when challenges threaten to overwhelm you.

♥ Take time for yourself and your thoughts

Understand that some things may not work out, even when you give them your all. And that´s okay. When that happens, give yourself the added love, support and space you need to push past the disappointment and refocus your energy on what matters most.

Learning to trust the process starts with feeling your way through life…moment by moment, day by day. Be open to possibility. Learn from the ups as well as the downs. Feel the sadness. Embrace the joy.

…together, this is what life is made of.