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THERE we were — in the midst of vacation-surrender & responsibility-less bliss! We were living it up in our newly acquired family camper — headed way out west to a land that boggles the imagination with natural wonders that seem more like something from outer space. We were headed to Yellowstone National Park. [Double-woot!] Hiking, exploring, nature and adventure were OURS — for a solid 2 weeks.

First note of point: Some of the pre-planned ‘camping’ reservations proved to be nothing that we expected (or prefer) when it comes to camping. We like nature. Trees. The wilderness. Seclusion. Not parking lots with giant mobile homes with their TV & wifi antennas extended. Anywho — ’twas a good lesson in itself. Next road trip will be much more spontaneous in nature. We’ll simply find something we like before we settle in for the night.


We had just stopped in the infamous Jackson Hole for a lil’ information about the upcoming mountain pass that we were excitedly anticipating. We had just down-sized to a quaint little camper-mobile — so we could welcome such opportunities. Mountain pass? Sure thing. No prob. We’ve got the diesel in tow-&-haul, and we’ve got our cute little light-weight camper trailing behind — with the same carefree attitude we were all veiled in for the time.

Joel still had some apprehensions about — well — brakes. I mean, they are essential to safe over-the-road travel. So he inquired, and the experts concurred that while there was a less steep pass we could opt for — our little home-on-wheels sounded like it could make it without much ado. Hurray!

So we took a chance, and took on the steepest mountain pass on that side of the Mississippi. IT. WAS. BREATH-TAKING. And exhilarating. I’m all about taking these kinds of calculated risks — especially on trips — to experience something we might otherwise miss out on. In as much, I found myself daydreaming to another scenario from earlier in the trip, wherein we crossed paths (very literally) with a tornado — on the ground. We (for some reason) kept driving toward it…. I mean — we SAW it. So why did we continue? Not sure. In any case — we made it — because as we approached, it suddenly elevated, going right over the top of us, coming back down again on the other side of the road. THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! I don’t recommend driving toward a tornado. But, we got our fill of a little storm-chasing adrenaline, some photos of a tornado out our vehicle window, and — a miracle. I mean — seriously — what timing. I knew we were being watched out for by a higher power. For me — that’s God/ “Uni” (as in Universe) — working those note-worthy wonders.

So — I rested my mind about the possibility of over-heated brake pads, and just took in the scenery.

We made it to the bottom. We could smell the brakes. We weren’t too concerned though — because they were still working. We had learned from the info-booth in JH — the way to navigate this pass without wearing them down to the nubs. We had some level of confidence still….


A few miles onto flat territory, one of the brakes started to stick. Uh oh.

Now normally — I’m not too ‘worried’ about these things. I mean — we drove through a tornado, remember? I embrace adventure, let go of fear, and tune into my faith. I just — TRUST. And usually — it proves to be a dependable practice. But for some reason — I panicked a bit this time. (If you ask Joel, I panicked a lot.)

Maybe it was the fact that we were literally in the middle of nowhere. I mean — we were at a state park campground, but it wasn’t very busy… We were the only ones in the campground when we arrived. The staff didn’t seem to have many answers for us when we asked about who we should contact. Their phone book was a joke. We did manage to get a few numbers, and got ourselves parked in our campsite. I started dinner in the camper, and Joel stood outside on his phone, calling anyone who might be able to fix our brake issue before 3–4 days from now….

They were all miles away, for starters, and booked out that far! We were in disbelief. I guess if you wanted to move to the middle of nowhere — a mechanic shop would be an ideal way to make a surefire living. Mental note.

So at this point — I’m in full-panic-mode. I’m thinking our vacation is pretty much over. I’m thinking there’s no way we can wait four days to have this fixed. I’m thinking, “SERIOUSLY? We drove through a tornado. What is THIS about?!” I started to doubt. I started to feel like we’d maybe “used up” our protection on this trip with the tornado fandango.

But then, I started to calm myself down again. I started to consider, “What really IS the worst-case scenario here?” We have to cut the trip shorter? We have to plan another one to explore the sites we may miss out on? (You like where I took that??) I started to — — — PRAY. I just prayed. I first apologized for my doubt…. But then I pretty much BEGGED for some miracle.

Wouldn’t you know it — a miracle was provided. I don’t say that lightly. It was a MIRACLE of MIRACLES! Read this and tell me what the odds are — in the middle of nowhere — that this scenario went down?

A big-rig pulls in next to us (Yes. The whole campground is practically wide-open, and we have someone camping RIGHT next to us in this parking-lot type setup. At first, I’m thinking, “Really?” [as in come ON…] But that soon turned into, “Really?!?!?” [as in — Oh my garsh — AWE…SOME!]

While the owner of the rig was tending to something that had broken on his camper, he couldn’t help but overhear Joel on the phone asking about brakes… Turns out, they were in the area to connect with their son — who was living nearby while working on the oil lines. He’s a — — — (ready for this?) MECHANIC! YES. Their son is a mechanic, and he’s ON HIS WAY to visit them at this very place, and at this very time. His father was “sure he wouldn’t mind taking a look at the brakes”…


So — he arrived, and was about the nicest person you could meet. He accompanied Joel into the next town — many miles away — to find the necessary replacement parts. Then upon their return, he proceeded to replace the defunct brake for us. I frantically figured out how much cash we had to offer him. He didn’t want to take it — but we made him. Their whole family talked about paying it forward. NOVEL, right? I love this concept, and try to put it into practice more consistently. But just as significantly, came the realization that we were STILL being taken care of. We can’t prevent or predict every potential set-back or difficulty that might come our way. But if we keep the faith, and TRUST that God/ the Universe has our backs — we will get through them.

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Not only did we not miss out on any more of our trip — but we also didn’t miss out on the amazing route through the mountains by ‘playing it safe’ and going around the pass. AMEN!

I’m usually pretty good about this. I love for a get-away to be just that — a get-away…. from the norm, from the every-day, from the mundane tasks & regular distractions — and I tend to leave all ‘worry’ behind too.

While I appreciate spontaneity and enjoy reveling in surprise, I’m also a bit of a ‘planner’ by nature. In other words — I try to walk that (sometimes fine) line between reckless abandon & cautious forethought.

It’s good to remember that even the best-laid plans are prone to the “unexpected” in life. And since that is so true, why spend time worrying and trying so hard to prevent some situation that may wind up occurring anyway? The way I see it (and I needed this gentle nudge to remember this) — as long as we keep the faith — it’ll still work out — and we’ll either learn something from the experience, or experience something greater than we could have imagined! [Or BOTH.]

So — here’s to trusting — with WILD abandon. Live to the fullest. Follow your heart. Don’t push away opportunity because of fear. TRUST that you will be taken care of — and you WILL. Cheers to THAT, baby!

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