I have to confess…I love talking bacteria! LOLOL
Ok to be clear…the magical flora that grow in your tummy and intestines. That’s my jam!! Keeping it diverse is key to long term health. I get alot of questions about how to feed your gut.

The first thing I always say is to learn how to listen to your body. That is A #1!!! Tap back into your intuition. You see, when you really connect with your cravings, signs and needs IT WILL ALWAYS BE THE RIGHT CHOICE for your health. These days it seems tougher and tougher….getting bombarded with the hot new diet system, meal plan, celebrity supplement…sooo many choices! “Here’s what you SHOULD do! What you SHOULD NOT DO. What you should eat. Oh and the foods you absolutely can’t eat.
It’s complete madness and quite futile when it comes to YOUR PERSONAL HEALTH!!

So #1 again…listen to your body…that girl knows what’s up. It becomes quite simple and easy when you harness your inner power as a HUMAN BEING. Yup! It’s a gift you have been encoded with in your DNA. It’s primal. It’s natural. It just requires some deprogramming. Lift the layers of junk, noise, inner chatter and the comparison game (you know…”Oh I heard that plan Sarah tried was amazing and she dropped like 30 lbs. Gotta try that” -OR- “You look amazing! What are you doing? Tell me exactly so I can do it too.”)

#2 – eat the seasons – what’s fresh now? Your body actually adjusts on a cellular level to different seasons an therefore needs different nutrients. Use the unique energy of the foods available during the current season.

#3 – stop vilifying food. That energy…you know…the guilt, the stress, the anger, the fear you place around certain foods?? That destroys your health before you even put that damn piece of cheese in your mouth!!! It’s not the food that’s bad it’s the emotional charge you give it that IS. Get into flow. Eat the seasons. Listen to your gut. Be gentle with yourself.

And ask these 2 essential questions:
*How would the highest version of me (the exquisitely healthy version of me) fuel myself??
*Does this feel good?

I can get specific on how to fuel your unique microbiome (the 6-7 lbs of bacteria growing in your gut). Hit me up in the comments and we can chat for sure!! In the meantime start with these 3 things…they will help you SHINE!!! xoxo