In September 2012 I was illuminated by @thisissethsblog blog Most People. The way I interpreted is that we are unique in our individuality. The lesson I personally learned is to trust myself and who I am.

It is good for all of us to set goals that push the boundaries of our comfort zone and take us to places we didn’t know we could go. However, when we set goals that are unrealistic given the current economic situation, and then we berate ourselves for not achieving them, it is time to say STOP!

The line between goals that push our boundaries and goals that are unattainable is a thin one. You want to go big or go home, and yet you also want goals that fit the reality of your performance history and the current global situation, as well as the reality of your physical body. You wouldn’t drive your car all the time at maximum speed in low gear — if you did, I’m sure your mechanic would give you a pep talk. The same goes for your mind and body.

We often doubt ourselves and blame ourselves for not achieving our goals. I’m suggesting that it’s important to remember the current circumstances and assess the economy. Yes, we need to take responsibility for our own outcomes, and at the same time we need to trust ourselves: we are not lazy or unmotivated, and sometimes circumstances beyond our control affect what we can achieve.

I continue to be guided by Seth Godin blog Most People. Remember: you are not most people. Trust in yourself. Trust that you are doing your life’s work.

Most People By Seth Godin

Most people don’t care enough to make a difference.

Most people aren’t going to buy that new thing you’re selling.

Most people are afraid to take action.

Most people are too self-involved to do the generous work you’re hoping for.

Most people think they can’t afford it.

Most people won’t talk about it.

Most people aren’t going to read what you wrote.

Fortunately, you’re not most people. Neither are your best customers.

Originally published at on September 3, 2012.

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