Trust Yourself. Just Leap. Leaving Google. How to lead heart forward.

After three years, I chose to return my badge at Google as the Lead Global Partner Brand Marketing Manager for Android, an open sourced platform that serves 2.5B devices around the world. Before this role, I had never owned an Android device in my life and had never worked in the tech industry.

Special shoutout to Shahid who took a chance and hired me. Remember it only takes one person to believe in you, but it’s another when you truly believe in yourself. Thanks to lovely Magali, my first friend at Google who shared with me kindness, barre workouts, to Asier for being a humble colleague and for introducing me to metabolic classes. I am deeply grateful for the many friendships.

To caveat, I was recruited as a contractor then eventually a vendor.

“I could talk about the many thorns of my time, but I’ll focus on those seeds, buds and roses I’ve planted that will continue to bloom as I close this chapter.”

Team offsite in Half Moon Bay, CA. Photo courtesy of Justin Choi.

Thanks to my team for believing in me to lead, coach and mentor you.

It’s been a roller coaster and a privilege to build a program from the ground up. From my actions, I was given the opportunity to hire and grow teams beyond Android across 12 product areas at Google for platforms, apps and services.

Android 9 Pie.

On my last shuttle ride down to Mountain View at main campus, I was overwhelmed with emotion from the amount of appreciation I had received. A waterfall of tears poured out.

I had come so far on this journey into the unknown.

The farewell hugs, sweet treats, champagne, card and spa certificate was so sweet, thank you. It means so much.

Team offsite at Rancho San Antonio Preserve, Cupertino, CA. Photo courtesy of Justin Choi.

It has been a privilege.

As a female leader, my heart is full right now. It feels good to trust my intuition, receive encouraging feedback, know I can kick some ass and make a meaningful impact in people’s lives (for the better).

“Thank you for being a leader on this team and encouraging us to shift our minds and think from different perspectives. I always appreciated that you stood up for what you believed in and encouraged women in the office to take a stand as well. Your free spirit will definitely be missed!” -C.S.

“I can’t express how grateful I am to the impact you’ve made in our short time together.” -S.S.

“You’re a badass.” -M.G.

You’ve helped me become a better leader and I wish you the best in your life adventures.”

“I have a lot more than can be said here, but a huge thank you for being an amazing manager, leading the Android team and also helping me grow personally. We will miss you.”
– J.C.

“Thank you for your incredible guidance and leadership. You will be sorely missed.” -K.C.

“Keep trusting your intuition. The universe has carved a beautiful path for you and I’m so lucky to have crossed it. Can’t wait to cross it again, many times!” – J.T.

“And I’m looking forward to working for you in the future when you become CEO.” – K.F.

“I have no doubt of the heights you’ll soar. Go get it girl!!!” – D.L.

In my three years, one takeaway Google has taught me is to leap.

Take the jump into the unknown with full force, trust yourself and yes, you will eventually land on your feet. Thanks again everyone for your support and the memories. I’ll see you on the ground (after you’ve made your leap).

“Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination.”
– Mae C. Jemison

On my last day, I rang the gong in the Android building. Photo courtesy of McKenzy Germain.