Sometimes, people will disappoint you, situations will disappoint you

and you will disappoint yourself

You know it’s not always favorable

You are tempted to complain and curse

Yet, remind yourself

Things are not always in our control

Trust yourself

You can overcome all your problems

With a little bit of patience and time for yourself

Seek the comfort within,

There is immense tenderness in your heart

A child in you, ready to cheer up

To make your world warm and fuzzy

Only when you are ready

Sometimes, failure will look inevitable

No matter how hard you try

You will feel restless and confused

Because nothing seems to work out

The future seems to dwindle and hopes broken

And, you are waiting to give up

Still, you want to wait

Beneath that despair, you know there is a mighty courage

Never seen before

Never touched before

Never used before

There will be hardships and heartbreaks

But, thank yourself for once

You are at the rock bottom.

And, you cannot go any further

You will soon emerge, wiser and transformed

They shall make you more beautiful

In your thoughts and in your actions

Life is a gift, indeed

Come past the trivial things

Things that no longer serve you

Things that no longer make you happy

If you have come this far, beating every odd

Then, you aren’t a fragile one

For you, nothing can be overwhelming

You still have your weak moments.

But, they no longer bother you

You have come a long way, my friend

Don’t you realize that you have found your inner strength?

Don’t you realize that you are a free person?

Don’t you see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel?

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