Over the past year I’ve been on a mission to “rewire my mind” from old thinking patterns that undoubtedly have not been kind. As I researched, I have found this topic is common and all kinds of speakers have found a way to address the public about “the best way” to get this done. Some are quick fixes, others are deeply spiritual and others are tied to financial success.

This Sunday I heard yet another spiritual version and for the first time it resonated. This short story is for all those who KNOW they need to change habits and thinking patterns and are open to another VIEW.

The speaker asked this simple question: “Who do you entertain at the table of your mind?” I am a visual person and this mental picture made more sense to me than talks about how the amygdala in my brain needed to be re-trained. The AMYGDALAE are located in your brain and are responsible for decision making and emotional reaction and memory processes. Talk about complex!?!?!

The speaker then mapped out three areas we should focus on to check ourselves when dealing with life: Truth, Honor and Love. The talk had me thinking all day and I even discussed with family members. It is newly discovered territory. It is humbling how simple this is and reminds me of the fact we all learn and process information in different ways.


Truth is Fact unadorned. As you walk through your day ask yourself if your opinions about a situation, person or opportunity are absolutely true or if they are adorned with judgement, insecurity and fear or as I will call it “JIF”. Lies are the opposite of Truths. This method of thinking requires we lift the layers of JIF and boldly walk into our daily truth. All of a sudden, the mental stories you’ve been telling yourself about how XYZ can’t be done have less power over you.

Honor, Appreciation and Empathy all fall into the same bucket. This one requires that you take a step back once in a while and notice the people around you. Drop the phone people!!!! Golden Rule!!! Treat others how you’d like to be treated. This goes for people outside your circle too. Push yourself to thank or notice the efforts of others and tell them. It is an instant deposit into your emotional bank account.  When you do this, you just might surprise someone who really needs it and see a side to someone you never knew existed.

Love is Love is Love. We walk around with our JIF and forget that LOVE begins with our own self-love. Self-love has many faces; self-respect, self-care, self-forgiveness, self-awareness, etc.  We are either forgiving or hard on ourselves for our flaws or behavior.  We sometimes ignore the fact that we are treating others in ways we would never allow them to treat us. It’s enlightening when you take another step back and ask yourself if you have embodied behaviors you criticize in others.  Aha!  Made you think?  

Take this advice (if you want to) and apply it to a basic re-shaping of your thought processes; understanding that not all situations, people or opportunities are the same or have the same depth and breadth on your life.

TODAY, I am literally looking at Truth, Honor and Love sitting with me at the table of my mind. There will be times when other topics are sharing chairs but I plan to check myself often and shake them off.  If I keep Truth, Honor and Love seated ALL THE TIME, there should NOT be room for anything else.