Most people do not like to hear TRUTH, and somewhat understandably so…

When TRUTH does not match your pre-existing beliefs… you must change your thoughts, feelings, speech, relations, and actions to be in alignment with TRUTH through your own personal and continued acceptance, will, and discipline… if you aspire to experience peace and ease in this lifetime. That may sound like a lot of work, but the alternative is a lifetime of varying levels of dis-ease throughout your body, mind, soul and relations.

When viewing only a smaller picture of Life, it may initially seem easier to try to ignore (and to try to refute) TRUTH. Yet, when viewing the bigger picture of Life, it is clearly more beneficial to accept and adapt to TRUTH, as fully and as rapidly as possible no matter how contrasting it is to what you believed before.

You can either “suffer” a little bit now by accepting reality as it entirely is or you can prolong and exacerbate your dis-ease by denying TRUTH. Ignorance has consequences, and denial even more so. The more aligned you are with Nature, the more you will flourish in all aspects of your life. This requires surrendering your ego (desires, fears, conditioning, etc.) and developing your intuition and perception to be more tuned in regardless of physical circumstances.

Pain and pleasure are not only potentially potent motivating life forces, but most common misperceptions of the mind. How you respond to a signal is entirely up to you; you can re-write the program and change the script any time and any way you choose.

If you choose to change your perspective and responses, your feelings will naturally follow… followed by your experience of reality. The choice is wholly yours. You always control your own reality.

Nature is ever-ready to show you our mutual Truth – photo taken by Sorinne Ardeleanu


  • Sorinne Ardeleanu

    2024 Independent Presidential Candidate

    Sorinne is an Independent 2024 Presidential Candidate, author, transformation expert, and civil rights advocate. As a connector of ideas, people, and universal truths... she has a heavy background in various sciences - including psychology, holistic healthcare, quantum mechanics, (meta) physics, and theology. Sorinne is also a state delegate for the Libertarian Party of California and an advisory board member of It Could Happen To You (a nonprofit organization which helped pass historical legislation, forming the country's first commission on prosecutorial conduct in New York State). Previously, Sorinne has been an executive coach, a sales specialist and sales manger in the exotic car world (closing as much as $10 million/year in sales), an art gallery co-founder, and a night club co-owner in San Francisco, CA. Sorinne believes her purpose is to be, give, and receive Love. Her highest aspiration is to improve the quality of life for ALL expressions of Life.