Try these simple rituals to connect when life is crazy

Whether with your self, friends, or family, connecting to anyone on a regular basis has never been more difficult. Life is crazy town on most days.

Often, if we’re not sprinting from one activity to another, our phones are keeping us distracted, or we feel guilty we’re not working.

As a result, most of us are starved for deep, meaningful connection. That beautiful open time that produces belly laughs and therapeutic crying sessions. Those simple feelings of love, community, and peace.

So, here are three simple rituals that make more room for the good stuff. No matter what kind of crazy town you’re dealing with today.

1. Slow Family Dinners

Eating meals together (without screens!) is the number one way to connect on a regular basis. Even if life is nuts, sitting down to one slow meal can make all the difference in your mental state.

Taste the food you’re eating, tell about your day, and show genuine interest in those you’re with. Use family dinners to deepen relationships instead of quickly move on to the next thing, and you’ll add a huge element of joy to your day.

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2. Sunday Morning Coffee

Regardless of the craziness of life, my husband and I make time for Sunday coffee. I get up a few minutes early and make two special cups of fresh-ground goodness. I bring it to bed on a tray, and we spend thirty minutes sipping and talking. With three little ones, the rest of the week can be like marching through a hurricane, but this quiet moment is a sweet highlight for both of us.

3. After Dinner Walks

Sunshine, fresh air, and nature are some of the BEST things life has to offer. Fortunately, they’re all FREE! Take a few moments to walk alone, with your dog, or with friends or family. Making time for the walk not only promotes deep technology-free connection, but gets you moving (another fantastic mood booster).

In Conclusion

Connecting with life is about becoming intentional in how we live our days. And sometimes, planning is important to make these actions a priority. So, this week while you’re penciling in the meetings, kids’ activities, and work obligations, take a moment to add a few family dinners, morning coffees, and nature walks as well. After all…

“Life’s finest treasures live in its simplest moments.”

Robin Sharma