We began 2020 with new hopes and positive vibes. But God planned something different and testing time for us. Yes, Pandemic has shocked everyone and struck us personally and professionally. 

How to come out from this depression time? Well, there is no secret to it, you have to find your same spirit which you had before Pandemic which can bring you on the road in life professionally and personally.

Every one today looking for motivation in life, I too was looking for the same. I saw one beauty who for me, became an influence in this Pandemic Fariba Rahimi. Yes, renowned International model and Entrepreneur who I feel is a perfect example for people who wants to create something in their life.

Few habitual things which I felt of Fariba Rahimi are worthy of trying in this tough time. It will help you remain confident and also help you come on course in your field. 

Here are some of the things or say make some good habits which can make feel good in this Pandemic.

Take a warm bath before going to bed at night. 

Fariba says good sleep is essential; it gives a pleasant glow and fresh feeling, but for that, you has to take some good rest. A warm bath before going to sleep can help you get good sleep.

The morning should be good:

Yes, after a good sleep, try to wake up in time and do some routine work and remain positive. Good morning means a good day. A good day means it helps you look fresh and energetic.

Do Meditation:

It is essential to remain positive on a daily basis. Meditation can help you says Fariba Rahimi. Yes, Meditation not only improves our focus, but it also gives us calmness. Meditation is a must in 2020 for all people.

Don’t make a too big list of future:

For a good life, you have to adjust with time and work step by step. Fariba Rahimi’s life is the best example started with modelling, then Entrepreneur and settling in life once again buzzing in the modelling world. The reason behind is a good career is she works step by small step goals in life before going to sleep make a shortlist of wishes which you target on the next day.

Take some fresh air:

Yes it is a lockdown, but you can open your windows, seat in your balcony in the morning take some breathing and enjoy nature every day. It will help you remain fresh.

It is necessary to make a proper timetable in this Pandemic which can help you remain active. Try to motivate yourself with positivity, read, listen to music, do Meditation, good sleep, an exercise in 2020.