We all have tried to stop a negative behaviour at one point in our lives. Could be any negative behaviour such as stop swearing, cutting out pop drinks from our diet or even over spending. Most of us have this knee jerk reaction to this, a stop, start that goes on forever with no success to show for in the end despite our very best efforts.

Well not anymore. Follow my top tips to stopping any negative behaviour and finally get the success your craving.

#1 Do not focus on what your giving up instead focus on what your gaining

In the example of giving up drinking pop drinks do not focus on giving up the delicious fizzy refreshing drink instead focus on gaining more sustainable long term energy, focus on being more healthy.

#2  If you fall off the wagon do not punish yourself but doing more bad behaviours.

What I mean by this is if your goal was to stop eating sugar and you go into autopilot mode and wake up and have a candy, this does not give you permission to keep eating sugar all day just because you had one slip up. The day is not a wash.  Just simply start your new habit at 11am instead of 10am and get back on the good behaviour journey.

#3  Do not give yourself cheat days- Consistency is key

I always say you would not cheat in your career or in your marriage so why would you allow yourself a cheat day to go back to past bad behaviours that did not serve you that you are desperately trying to change. I have found it is always harder to start again once you have stopped. If you can just keep going without cheat days it’s much easier on your mindset and body and soul because it becomes about sustaining a good behavior not re introducing a bad one.

#4 It’s a gift not a punishment

A good example of this is if your looking to lose weight, shed some winter comfort food pounds. Do not make creating the new behaviour because you were bad and did something wrong. Shame will work the opposite when your looking to change to a positive behaviour. Instead look at it as a gift since you enjoyed your winter (with no judgement) you get to now really nourish your body with fresh, farm grown healthy veggies and fruits that are seasonally available in the summer.

#5 Introduce or ReIntroduce acts of Self Love & Care

As your changing behaviors remember this is not a punishment so we need to be kind and loving to our bodies, minds, and souls.  Grab a great book to take your mind off the task at hand, get out in nature a ton do whatever makes you feel alive, loved and respect by yourself not our outside source. Because you are Worthy!