It is certainly difficult to plan a surprise which is loved by each and everyone in the family, but somehow you should learn to get a way with it, right? We all have different tastes, choice or preferences and also, not every family is the same. Which is why planning a surprise for the whole family altogether can be a tricky task for you.

This discussion about the perfect surprise for the whole family can go over and over for more than hours, but to keep it a bit less complex for you. We have some suggestions for you to have good time with all your family members, together!

1. Go out on a picnic

This is one of the best way to spend some quality time your family while admiring the beauty of the nature. A picnice means anything, it can be a casual jaunt with some close friend or a proper day out with the family. It will give you the much needed break from everything and just relax with your close ones.

When it comes to health, going out on a picnic will fetch fresh air in your body, you will feel revitalized. Apart from advantages to your health, going out on a picnic will help you spend much more time with all your family members than you expect. We all rush day and night for our work and therefore, we have much lesser time for our most important family members.

It is recommended to turn OFF your smart phones or at least put them on silent mode to ignore looking at it every time you are notified. This will encourage you more to have healthy conversations with your family. After all, you are on a picnic to spend time with your family, not with your phone. 

2. Watch a movie at home     

While planning to watch a movie with the whole family, the first thing that comes to your mind is deciding a movie which is suitable for all ages, a movie that you can watch with your family.

Not just watch the movie, but encourage your family members to engage more in the story of the movie, ask them to sit along with a paper and pen, and make notes on the movie while watching it.

Point of the things that they liked or disliked in the movie. Later, have a group-discussion about the final thoughts on the movie. The advantage watching a movie this way is that you can keep the whole engaged and truly enjoy the time. Also, you can watch another movie with the young adults in the family after the little ones are fast asleep.

3. A family get-together

A small eventually grows into extended big happy family. A family get together help the kids to get closer with their grandparents, cousins and other uncles and aunts. All the family members will get a chance to meet each other and spend some time together.

It is not just about spending time, a family get-together will help each member in the family to share and talk about their problems or issues related to anything. Sharing problems with the family will help the person in problem to get a possible solution.

There will be some solutions which might look hurtful, but sometimes the most toughest decisions are the best ones. Like they say, it is better to feel hurt by the truth rather than being happy for a short period of time with lies. No matter what, these hurtful truths will help the person in problem in the long run.

Always remember that a person who accepts his or her mistakes and is willing work on improve himself or herself, and the one who feels no shame in seeking help of others, is someone who can grow in any field of life.

4. Most importantly – You don’t need special occasions to spend time with your loved ones!

It is not cool to get back home with same old decor and interior, therefore we should give comple makeover to the interior of the house time to time. The interior designs should be alluring and beautiful so that when you get back after a tiring day, your mood instantly gets better.

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In the world where no one has time for others, it is difficult to spend quality time the family too. This is how we forget to spend time with the people we love the most in the world. Try these ways to spend some more time with your family members and show them some love you have for them. It will also give you the much need break from your frantic routine.