We go through life looking to others for guidance, support and inspiration. From a young age, our parents (mainly mum) is that person. They nurture and teach you, love and support you, give you knowledge and empathy.

As you get older, you find other elders to add onto that list. Teachers, friends, someone on TV. When do we discover that we are also that inspiration for another person? Is it when we enter parenthood? Get a new job? Or do we never realise that we impact on people too?

I’ve grown up ignorant to the fact that I could ever inspire someone. I’m not good enough, and lets be honest here right? Dont we all feel like that? We all have that voice inside our head, the negative sly comments from others. It wasn’t until I was 39 and went on a journey to change my mindset. Wow wat a journey its been.

I now am an inspiration to others!!! Crazy hey? I get messages on my social media thanking me for telling them I believe in them, they dont need permission to try, they dont need to listen to that voice. The post that made them smile. The post that they really needed to hear to change how they feel.

So I implore you…. Its time to be that person. Its time to make others feel the way you did about the person that made it all ok. Its time to make that difference to another person and change their road in life.