“We’re here to put a dent in the universe.”- a famous quote from Steve Jobs, the tech evolutionary icon. This is somehow lifelong philosophy of Jobs. When I read his biography by Karen Blumenthal, I find the sense of “Make a Dent in the Universe” at the every event of Steve Jobs.

He was obviously not referring to the universe. Not even he would try to be an astronaut and put a dent in anywhere of the universe.

The universe, according to Steve Jobs, is you. Through this metaphorical universe, he was referring to could be as big as the entire world as he knew it or as small as the world that exists in a relationship between two people.

This metaphorical universe being the sum total of our entire sphere of influence. What we think, what we believe and what we do is the universe. We are the manager of this universe. We are the moderator of the facts of this universe.

The dent is metaphorically leaving our mark on our lives. Or impacting on our sphere of influence in such a way that it changes the lives of the people in our universe. The word change metaphor as dent by Steve Jobs.

Do You Ever Try To Make a Dent in the Universe? Or do you ever try to change the status quo of your life? Steve Jobs brought evolution through Apple to many lives. And you?