Well, how do I start? I saw a friend had shared some thoughts on this platform and figured why not. Perhaps I have some insight to share, and if only one person gains some knowledge, or takes something away from it, then it is one person that I have helped, I hope.

2019, I guess, as with all previous 20somethings, started off with, as always, this year I am going to do (Insert the new-years resolution list here). However, for me it was different. Work wise it has been a tough and roller coaster ride the last 3 years, until I was blessed the end of 2018.

We all have those, so please, no tears for me. The point is, I have learned a few things during that ride, and that is how I will deal with 2019. I have an 8 year old, and sometimes the tasks are big, or the challenges seem impossible. I revert back to my, “Riley, how do you eat an elephant?” This normal produces a sign, then dropped shoulders, then a smile. And yes, one small bite at a time.

That is 2019 for me. I am going to eat it one small bite at a time. We tend to over promise and under deliver (See what I did there from a sales perspective), not just to customers, but to ourselves. We want to change the world overnight. Don’t get me wrong, some people have the power to do it like that, but I am not one of those. One small bite at a time.

Writing this on a public forum, in the hope that it will be shared for the first time, scares me. Strange, as I have no compulsion to stand in-front of a room full of people and lecture in different countries. Go figure. Anyway before I regress to much.

I have ideas. I have plans. I have resolutions, well not really, actually one for 2019. What ever I do or start “One small bite at a Time”

Getting lost, I had to push the last 2 km. On small bite at a time was worth it.