I started TTYL in 2018 as a tech-free community dedicated to human connection. Now, in a time of disconnection, we’ve had to shift our gears a bit as many businesses have been forced to do. Still, we knew that there was a strong desire for human connection—one that was building far before the pandemic (but is even more prevalent now). We also knew that technology was making that connection possible while we’re isolated in our individual homes.

So, we tapped into the power of our community and crowdsourced some amazing resources that people have been turning to during this time. From online fitness classes to meditation apps to Broadway shows…the list goes on! While we’re sad to be apart right now, we’re grateful that we have these tools to keep us together in the meantime (even if it has to be through a screen).

On this list, we hope you find a community you can turn to, a resource that helps you find peace of mind, or just entertainment that fills your empty time. What we once used to crave is now at our fingertips: time. How are you using yours?


Communities that are doing an amazing job of bringing people together, online. From town halls about sex and dating to workshops on entrepreneurship to digital dance parties. There’s NO shortage of connection!

  • Touchpoint: a town hall on love, sex, and dating
  • The Get Down: creating dance floors that liberate and unite
  • The Joy List:sharing events that celebrate and facilitate connection
  • Six Degrees Society: a community taking the guesswork out of networking
  • Quilt: an app connecting women for meaningful conversations
  • CreativeMornings: the world’s largest creative community
  • The Camaraderie: providing pressure-free spaces for women
  • Society X: uniting and inspiring artistic expression
  • Betaworks: a start-up platform for builders and accelerators
  • Luminary: a collaboration hub for luminous women
  • Daybreaker: a world-famous morning dance party
  • Skip The Small Talk: a series of late-night conversations that matter
  • Listen Bar: an alcohol-free community making mocktails
  • Mappy Hour: cultivating and creating accountability buddies
  • Holisticism: reimagining wellness for every single human being
  • SuperShe: an unparalleled and fun-as-heck space for she’s
  • 5Rhythms: a movement practice that moves your body and soul
  • Elpha: the go-to space for women in technology
  • The Connection Movement: a playground of connection through empathy


These apps and websites are making playtime cool and fun accessible for an epic quarantine game night.

  • QuizUp: online trivia you can play against friends
  • HQ Trivia: an infamous trivia game with epic prizes
  • Jackbox Games: making irreverent party games


Some of the world’s most renowned theatrical organizations and arts & culture experiences are making themselves available to the public online during this time. Don’t miss out on this access!


Theatre is a community that’s near and dear to our hearts at TTYL, and it’s one that’s also available right on your screen for your individual and collective enjoyment. Check these out!


A combination of live-streamed and pre-recorded workout classes from some of the most incredible studios in the country. Workout with an instructor who you’ve always admired or take a class you’ve never tried.


We may be a tech-free community, but we’re also all about balance and recognizing the importance of tech during this challenging time. These digital resources will help you stay healthy and centered.

  • Headspace: the best app to begin your meditation practice
  • Calm: the world’s happiest app with sleep, meditation and relaxation
  • MNDFL: affordable and accessible meditation classes, in real time
  • A Force of Nurture: guided writing classes for self-expression
  • Present Palate: how to eat and stay healthy during quarantine
  • Horizontal with Lila: intimate talks about intimate things
  • Emily Chertow: guided journaling for mindfulness and self-care
  • POPSUGAR Fitness: your resource for fitness and wellbeing
  • My Intent: tons of free self-care resources and live events
  • Insight Timer: meditation app with over 40,000 titles
  • Chill App: daily quotes and reminders to cultivate calm
  • HearMe App: anonymously talk to an empathetic listener, available 24 hours a day


In the mood to learn something new? Pick up a new skill or get certified in happiness. These educational opportunities don’t come around very often, so snag this while they last!


Museums around the world are providing the rare experience to explore their exhibitions for free. Learn about our past through breathtaking artwork and mysterious artifacts. Some are even offering full immersive 360-views!

DIY Activities & Crafts

In celebration of our Etsy shop launch, here are some other notable crafts.


As a small business owner myself, I know how critical it is to have the support of a community. So I wanted to use my voice to share other resources to help fellow small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers during this time.

I want to know: how are you staying connected during this time of global quarantine?