If you could stand on top of the hills, while playing the violin, how would such intertwine your intimacies with the Divine? If you could move through the journey of musical manifestations, while by being surrounded by the lushness of Earth’s greenery, what would be your song?

Previously, it has been discussed about the treasures of Earth’s musical tapestry. Going into open spacing, where Earth’s vegetation is as lush and precious, as ever, the sounds of a stringed performance unearth the mysteries and secrets of the spacing. Just sit and imagine such pleasures of the violin; feeling those vibrations reflect back to one’s auditory domain. Just replenish one’s mind when envisioning the musical taste surround the atmosphere. My, how beautiful the atmosphere brings serenity when music ? glaces the land. For stringed instruments have a way of vibrating throughout the land. Through it all, one is permitted a sweet elegance of sensitivities, when hearing the performance of the violin.

In this Armenian, folktale song, there is the piano, which surrounds the violin. The piano creates the watery effect. And, it is through imitations of water, where the violin demonstrates the fluidity of the land. The very playing of the violin reveals certain treasures and colors in the landscapes, which were hidden for quite some time. That hidden magic of Universal wonder (and creativity) becomes alive, and awakened. Such is one of the joys and wellness factors of playing in the openness of the land. Could we imagine that for one moment in the freezing of time? Even if we are not there, could we imagine this for a time?

There are wonders to be re-discovered by modern men, from those ancient times. The land keeps its secrets, and it’s the music, which unearths it. The violin is a magical instrument, through its own accord.

Moving into the world of Armenian folkloric tunes, there is something sacred, when a particular land begins to speak. For, it has its particular sensory and tone, in how it speaks. Its rhythm. Beat. Shaping. Composition. It performs the tales of the people, there. The dances, music, and storytelling are all performed. Artistry unfolds and the Spirits of the people, re-awaken through this song.