“It is as easy to create a castle as a button.  It’s just a matter of whether you’re focused on a castle…or a button.” ~ Abraham Hicks

No matter what our current circumstances are, we have a choice of where to place our attention. 

Here are some choices to ponder:

  • Lack and scarcity or abundance and prosperity?
  • Safety of sameness or joy of expansion?
  • Blocked and stuck or resourceful and courageous to take a new risk?
  • Victim or creator?

These days we also have a minute-by-minute new choice before us.   We can choose to spend endless hours watching the news and drowning in the fear and negativity of all the media stories. 

Or, we can opt instead to go inward and use this precious time for enormous personal growth so we can contribute to creating a new Earth–one in which we will be proud to leave our children, grandchildren and the generations after them.

Eight years ago, when confronting a scary health challenge, I had to choose love over fear, and my worthiness to live (which is what prompted me to create this new website and coaching platform).   

It was the toughest choice of my life because it meant spending hours alone in stillness, releasing the darkness of my battered soul and learning to love myself again. 

Then, I had to make brave, new choices to live from my newfound authenticity, no matter what others thought of me.  Some opted to leave my life as I wobbled through the muck and mire to find my strong center connected more deeply to Source.  Others deepened their relationships with me.  Like that old saying goes, “Some people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.”  I believe all who are placed before us are our teachers.

Many of us are now being asked to do the same, to become more introspective, in this time of “social distancing” and staying home.

Personal growth requires courage to look within. Sometimes we don’t like what we see.  That’s okay, because we get to change the story when we discover what we don’t like.  You have to notice it first, though, to alter it. 

In going within, we also find treasures, gifts of the heart that guide us forth with love.  Some of these gifts that expand us include forgiveness and gratitude.

It is sometime hard to know the long-term benefits when you first take the deep, inner dive. Becoming conscious is a path towards elevating your life that will bring more peace, joy and fulfillment than what many of us have been conditioned to believe would make us happy by looking outside ourselves for external validation. 

So, instead of viewing this historic time as some sort of punishment to be endured, perhaps we can ask: “What role can I play in bringing more love, peace and harmony to the world?” 

Clear your blocks, discover your treasures, and commit to building your own version of a castle. 

I would be honored to be your guide in crafting a new life of personal success, meaning and fulfillment, based on a strong foundation of worthiness.  To learn more, email [email protected].

With love and great hope,


I am thrilled that my talented photographer friend, Sharon Spector, captured this perfect picture of a sandcastle.


  • Gail Kauranen Jones

    Transformational leader, intuitive coach, gifted wordsmith/author and inspiring teacher; owner of ClaimYourWorthiness.com

    “Declare your innate worthiness and keep loving yourself into the highest vision of your dreams." --Gail Kauranen Jones   Gail Kauranen Jones is an intuitive coach, gifted wordsmith and inspiring teacher who has been leading others through transformation for more than twenty years. She is the author of two books, Cancer as a Love Story: Developing the Mindset for Living,) and To Hell and Back...Healing Your Way through Transition. Both books were met with rave reviews on Amazon and elsewhere.   She has taught many leading-edge workshops at top spas and wellness centers, and continues to lead guided meditation circles. Gail lives a passionate and simple life writing, hiking, connecting in meaningful ways, aligning in joyful collaboration and thriving in nature.   Following her pioneering spirit, Gail is honoring "a calling" to help others release internal stressors by integrating a greater sense of love and worthiness. She has a new e-book about her unique process in the works.  To learn more, visit www.claimyourworthiness.com.   To order a signed copy of either of her current books, email: [email protected].