Have you ever heard the tale of the so-called “Fountain of youth“?

It’s a fabled fountain that gave eternal youth to whoever drank from it—a myth so great that countless stories were written about it.

Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone actually went looking for it!

But, what the fountain of youth has is…

A myth.

However, what if I tell you about a woman who had found something similar and likes to call it a fountain of health?

And you don’t drink from it. It’s an ingredient, and you pass by it in the store every day.

Tracy G. is a radio star of the 20/21st century, a storyteller, and a smart woman who functions perfectly in harmony with her family. You can talk about everything with her for hours.

She knows how to prepare fantastic meals without meat, how to nurture flowers, tidy up the house (but so that you don’t get tired while doing it), and much more.

She has long since learned how to love herself, nurture and heal with Nature, but also please herself and others.

The best part?

Tracy did not hide her fountain for a healthy life and told us that she once was versed upon it, thanks to her Indian friend.

Her secret? Turmeric.

The new Turmeric rules are actually the old secret ones!

Turmeric spice has formed a part of Indian culture and tradition because it has been considered an herbal medicine due to its anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties.

It is often used in rituals, especially at the “Haldi” ceremony of Indian weddings, where turmeric paste was applied to the bride and groom’s body as part of marriage preparations.

What are the benefits of Turmeric for more mature ladies?

Curcumin in Turmeric can help ladies 40+ to bypass or mellow a plethora of conditions.

And now it is being used all around the world.

What does western science say about Turmeric?

The main ingredient in Turmeric is the yellow alkaloid c u r c u m i n.

It consists of complex carbohydrates (70%) followed by proteins (7%), minerals (4%), essential oils (4%), and about 1% resin. The rest? Vitamins and other biologically active substances.

Detailed research has revealed that turmeric root contains several hundred biologically active molecules (according to one database 326), of which 20 are antibiotics, 14 are anticancer, 12 are antitumor, 12 are anti-inflammatory, and 10 are antioxidants.

Only the turmeric root contains active substances like a small pharmacy!

But unlike the pharmacy, Nature has distributed the concentration of these molecules in such a way that they act without any harmful effects. Still, each of them enhances and encourages the well-being of the others.

How can any 40+ women benefit from Turmeric?

The people say: “It is better to prevent than to cure.

Turmeric can be used every day as a spice to eat, whether it is salty or sweet dishes.

With more severe health problems, it is certainly necessary to do much more than use Turmeric in the kitchen because it is a medium-strength remedy.

However, in some instances, as a first-aid, it can perform little miracles.

Here is where you find it more than useful:

FIBROMYALGIA: Does your body break of pain as well?

Do you often wake up stiff, all hurt? Are you sensitive to touch, feel tired, have a sleep disorder? Do light and sound bother you, and you lose your attention and memory?

Although it has been known since ancient times, the cause of fibromyalgia has not yet been discovered. It has been proven that the disease is much more common in women, which indicates the possibility that hormonal status has a role in its occurrence.

One research measured limb discomfort, muscle swelling, and serum markers of inflammation and muscle damage.

The results showed that Turmeric could reduce pain related to DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and enhance performance and muscle recovery.

This conclusion suggests that Turmeric may help you with symptoms related to fibromyalgia.

The pain will still be there, but you won’t feel like an 80-year-old in a 40, 50, 60-year-old body.

ARTHRITIS, OSTEOPOROSIS… Orthopedic trainwreck

Many ladies do not know they have “hollow bones” until one day a fracture occurs. It is believed that with every person diagnosed with osteoporosis, there are four more who do not know that they have it.

It’s merely one that proceeds without symptoms.

In postmenopausal osteoporosis, joint fractures and vertebral deformities often occur, while fractures in the hip area most characterize senior osteoporosis.

Curcumin hampers osteoclastic bone resorption in a dose-dependent manner.

What does that even mean?

For example, the treatment with 10 μm curcumin for 24h decreases approximatively by 80% the number of bone resorption pits than with the untreated cells.

So when you start noticing that your height is reducing (which is considered a normal phenomenon of people in 55+), that is a sign of osteoporosis.

With Turmeric, you won’t be known anymore like an orthopedic train wreck that keeps on chugging down the tracks by pure self-will and grit.


Every time you engage in a debate with a man, there is a guaranteed headache?! 😉

Migraines can adversely affect many aspects of your life, including romance and intimacy.

A recent study on migraine shows that a quarter of migraine patients have problems with the frequency and quality of sex and that in 5% of cases, migraine was the reason for the breakup and divorce.

There’s some evidence that suggests that Turmeric supplements could cut down on the number of migraine attacks you have, how long they last, and how much pain you experience.

A 2019 study tracked 100 people who regularly had a migraine to ascertain if a mixture of curcumin and coenzyme Q10 supplements would affect the percentage of migraine attacks. The study also checked out how severe their head pain was and how long it lasted if they took these supplements.

Those that took both supplements reported relief in headache days, severity, and duration.

VAGINOSIS – ‘She’ always needs attention

You can maintain the maximum health of your vagina if you use Turmeric.

In other words, while you have a more significant number of good bacteria than harmful pathogenic, you’ll be ok.

So how can this spice help your little friend?

Turmeric acts as an anti-bacterial agent by blocking cell division of bacteria and hampering bacteria’s assembly line essential for its structural integrity and survival.

Also, Turmeric is beneficial in providing symptomatic betterment and relief in vaginitis by acting as an anti-inflammatory agent when applied topically.

Fungal? Yes! Turmeric has been shown to utilize an inhibitory effect on fungal growth by altering the microorganism’s fundamental enzymatic reactions.

So you see, it only takes a little spice to spice up your love life again.


So your macho hubby decided to watch a rerun of ‘Desperate housewives’ while you were cutting meat? Again?

No worries, if it comes to that, the curcumin found in Turmeric can help your wounds heal faster by decreasing inflammation. It also lowers the reaction of your body.

If you cut your finger, pour Turmeric into a coffee cup and then dip the cut part and press it firmly against the dish’s wall. Even deep cuts react within minutes.

If there is a cut or wound elsewhere, pour turmeric powder directly on the wound and cover it with light gauze. In most cases, the wound will heal even without a scar.

Every morning, while I make coffee, I stir half a teaspoon of Turmeric with one teaspoon of honey. After that, I drink coffee and have breakfast.

During the last two years, as much as I take Turmeric every morning, I have never caught a cold, and I used to cough as if I had TB.

I also had an ulcer before that caused me problems, but it disappeared over time, and I believe that Turmeric contributed to that,” – says Tracy.

In the end…

Women’s beauty is submitted to the test of time.

But… At whatever stage of your life you are now, you should know that you can be beautiful both outside and inside, thanks to Turmeric.

The real story. Not the myth.


  • Hello, My name is Nenad Pejak, but people are calling me Nesh. I'm a freelance writer for hire and natural health enthusiast specialised in safe herbal supplements, good food and general health. In the spare time, I'm writing, rewriting and banging my head against the wall on my blog ( www.writersmeadow.com ).